5 Confessions of a TV Addict

Wondering how difficult June has been for this self-proclaimed TV Addict? Here’s a few random and slightly embarrassing factoids about my life as of late.

(1) Out of sheer boredom last Tuesday I watched an entire episode of LIVING LOHAN [Unforgivable I know, but I swear it was a one time thing and I wasn’t thinking]. (2) My PVR is set to record tonight’s Disney Channel Movie CAMP ROCK. (3) I’m completely hooked on ABC Family’s GREEK, having blown virtually my entire iTunes Piggy Bank on the season. (4) Sunday’s MEET THE PRESS tribute to Tim Russert had me reaching for the kleenex. (5) I’m really hoping enough people are watching SWINGTOWN so that CBS might consider picking up the show for a second season next summer.

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  • I don’t think you have to “confess” about watching Swingtown, because I too watch it, but for some reason without that feeling I get from a guilty pleasure. Plus I think it’s steadily improving.

  • scsc

    Last nights episode of Swingtown was definately better than the 2nd episode. Although the drastic ‘swings’ in character acceptance and non-acceptance of social issues is a little contrived and too quick for my liking. Like it though and will continue to watch.

  • Alyssa

    I love Greek, too! I have the “Chapter One” DVD, which is the first 10 episodes and have just finished watching. Cappie has been added to my list of TV boyfriends. ABC Family had a marathon of the 2nd half of the season the day the season finale aired a few weeks ago so luckily I recorded that so I can start watching those eps. Such a fun show.

  • Linda B.

    (4) Sunday’s MEET THE PRESS tribute to Tim Russert had me reaching for the kleenex.

    I hope you also tuned into MSNBC’s coverage of the memorial service. It was really moving. Luke Russert is an amazing young man. Tim would be proud.

  • Common Sense

    Regarding Russert, you have to wonder how many media members President & Mrs. Bush would take the time to pay their respects to in person, as they did. Tim was perhaps the foremost political expert among his peers, and we probably all took him for granted. His loss to the industry is just immeasurable. And what a guy, personally-speaking, as well.

  • jess

    I am totally hooked on GREEK too. And was wondering if you had any insider scoop.

  • showtime

    I just watched Camp Rock!
    I’m a total sucker for feel good movies by Disney
    It was predictable but whatever. I’ve already wrote the plotline for Camp Rock 2. Its gonna happen.