SUPERNATURAL Fans: Blame Canada!

ruby katie cassidy supernatural

Proving once again that violence is never the answer, SUPERNATURAL showrunner Eric Kripke surprised fans today by revealing a far easier way for the Winchester Bros. to save the world from Evil Demons. Buy them a one way ticket to Canada!

Turns out that this TV Addict’s very own home base of Canada, or more specifically our surging Dollar is to blame for Ruby’s untimely demise. “She’s [actress Katie Cassidy] great, but this was unfortunately a financial decision — purely budgetary, because creatively she was terrific.” Revealed Eric Kripke in an interview today with TV Guide, “I have nothing but great affection for Katie, and she was great for the show. It was a very difficult business decision about the realities we are in. Though the budget’s the same as last year, the show films in Canada and is suffering from a lousy exchange rate.”

And while I applaud Kripke for his honesty. Nobody, especially this self-proclaimed TV Addict likes to be reminded that television is first and foremost a business. One that values money and the ‘bottom line’ over story and character development. One that is ruled by legions of Demons armed with Blackberrys. Also known as Network Executives, who if you ask me, are far more menacing, not to mention unforgiving than your average yellow-eyed variety. Just ask the cast of VERONICA MARS and EVERWOOD [yup, still bitter].

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  • TVFan

    While I for one won’t miss Ruby, it is very disheartening to be reminded how closely story is linked with budget. On the plus side. Go Canadian Dollar!

  • Luke K.

    To be blunt, this STINKS. Katie Cassidy is H.O.T., and I loved her as Ruby. Sheesh, if this show can’t even afford a semi-regular, relative-newcomer to the industry, what else is gonna be axed? Will the boys be driving a Pinto? Will the hotel set decor be more Super 8-ish? Will we see Sam in one episode, then Dean the next? This is getting frikkin ridiculous!

  • Patty

    Aw, how sad! Ruby was starting to grow on me at the end… At least they just cut a character instead of canceling the show.

  • Judy

    Well, maybe if the CW didn’t spend so much of it’s promotion money towards Gossip Girl and the soon to air 90120, Supernatural wouldn’t have to let go of characters just to stay afloat.

  • Mel

    I liked the Ruby character better than Bela, which isn’t saying much, but I’m not going to shed any tears over Katie Cassidy leaving.
    I wish both Katie and Lauren much success in future projects.
    I never thought Supernatural needed to become an ensemble. Jim Beaver’s Bobby is the only ‘recurring’ character besides Sam and Dean I want to see. Unless of course, they could ever get Jeffrey Dean Morgan back for a flashback episode or two . . . 😉

  • Luke K

    @ Luke K: In case you don’t know, making shows like this are SUPER-expensive. The CW must really love this show, cause ratings so low, and the show been so expensive… Just look what happened to Moonlight, even when it had more ratings!

  • ewanspotter

    If they’re really that strapped for cash, I say they cut back the wardrobe department. Jensen Ackles doesn’t need all that pesky clothing on the show anyway.

  • Mel

    LOL Ewanspotter! I agree! They could lose a couple of layers and still remain regrettably decent. Did you see the TV Guide pictures of Jared? SUCH a shame to cover that up as well.
    But, of course, I watch Supernatural for the plot. (Stop snickering, TVAddict!) And as far as plot goes, the Ruby character can come back, just like the Meg or Lillith or YED or CRD characters did, in a different ‘meatsuit.’
    I hope there’s a little $$ left for classic rock. The Impala cruising down the road to elevator music is just — wrong.

  • girodet

    I am always surprised when I watch this show at the high production level, specifically the special effects, considering the ratings numbers and the fact it is on the CW. As long as they keep focusing the money on what makes this show great I will get over the fact that recurring characters do not happen.

  • amanda

    I have never more prouder to be Canadian. Yes! She is gone!

  • Rebecca

    And the rising Canadian dollar is the reason she’s gone. Well, then go Canadian dollar. Her loss is great because she was a lousy actress. Besides Meg came back in a different suit. The CRD came back in several suites. Same goes for Lilith and the YED. Besides, as far as I can remember, people over at the CW Lounge were crying for her to be axed.