The TV Addict Takes A Stand By Not Downloading FRINGE

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The reviews are in. FRINGE is officially the must see new show of the fall.

In fact, with over two months until the series’ September 9th premiere on FOX, Televisionary has already proclaimed that FRINGE is, “THE X-FILES for the new millennium.” With Ramblings of a TV Whore’s Rae chiming in via Twitter that, “I’m so in love with FRINGE that the thought of it makes me smile at random moments throughout the day.” Heck, even frequent TV Addict reader Tim G. reported via text message that “627 is the new 815!” But since I have yet to go the BitTorrent route and download the ‘leaked’ pilot, I’m going to have to take his word for it.

You see, this TV Addict is taking a stand.

Call me old fashioned, but I yearn for the days when the Fall Season was actually a big deal. A simpler time, when a young and impressional TV Addict who’s ICQ nickname may-or-may-not-have been “Dawson” would spend countless hours taking copious amounts of notes as I flipped through the always-anticipated TV Guide Fall Preview double issue.

Don’t get me wrong. I completely understand that when a pilot mysteriously finds its way online it helps to generate buzz for the new fall season in what has become an increasingly over-saturated digital world. I just can’t help but think that these more and more common ‘first looks’ and ‘sneak peeks’ of our favorite shows in June are causing irrevocable damage to what was once the most exciting month of the year to be a TV Addict.

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  • Stef

    I have to say, I watched and I fell in love! JJ Abrams keeps taking up years of my life! I am a little sad that when the pilot airs on real TV I won’t have anything to look forward too, so good job, TVAddict for your stand! I am much weaker!

  • SimplyKimberly

    I’m with you. But it is hard because it is June and there is NOTHING on television to watch. My TiVo is yearning to do some work and I have almost nothing to give it. It is really getting jealous of Amazon Unbox and my computer because they are getting quite the work out.

  • shanna

    I tend to wait. I think slowly but surely the summer is gearing up and I won’t have to go looking for fall shows. I do like the excitement of a new fall lineup.

  • Gowan

    Not for nothing, but, uh, it’s also illegal. trust me when I tell you that it’s a violation of copyright law. of course, if it increases the buzz for the series, it’s unlikely the studio will raise much of a ruckus.

  • Mohammad

    I obviously don’t have as much will power as you, tvaddict.

    I downloaded and watched the first half yesterday and i’m just about to jump into the rest. It’s awesome!

  • Hil

    I don’t have any problem with it. If anything I am more committed to making sure I tune in come Fall. I liked it.

    Heck, I watched Prison Break when it leaked the June before it came out back in the day and I became a fan and was faithful when it came out for real that August. I couldn’t hardly wait for it to come out actually. I saw Sarah Connor, Pushing Daisies and other shows that were leaked and I became big fans of them. I pimped them to my friends to because I wanted to make sure they’d tune in come Fall as well. I don’t see how it ruins anything. Maybe it ruins shows that were not leaked because if it is going to be Fringe against some other show in the same time slot that I’ve not previewed I will easily pick Fringe since I already know I like it.

  • Abby

    There are usually so many new shows out in the Fall (not this year because of the strike) that it’s nice to get a sneak peak. That way I can better plan what to watch and what to skip. But I understand too why you’d want to wait and build the anticipation. I just don’t have the will power.

  • Alyssa

    Gowan, who do you think is leaking it? The networks leak the pilots and they get buzz all summer long and then open to better ratings. Its free marketing.

  • blueberry

    I don’t know if I would have stuck around for Pushing Daisies when it first premiered if I had not downloaded it first. I think seeing Fringe beforehand will give me the head start and allow me to pimp the show to everyone I know.

    In the summer of 2007 I was basically a walking ad for Pushing Daisies.

  • Yah, I think at this point it’s all about the pimping and getting the know how before all your friends (and as the TV addict and friends who are all TV addicts, I’m assuming we are all the people others come to for TV advice)…

    that being said, I have it but haven’t seen it yet. I’m TRYING to hold off too but I think I’m going to cave as soon as Im back from vaca.

  • Fortunately, I didn’t have to download it… as I managed to snag a DVD copy of the pilot the day after the Upfronts. As much as I loved the pilot, I would advise AGAINST downloading it as it looks far better on a television than it would on a laptop display.

    Still, I’ve seen it about three times now and can’t get enough, so obviously they’re doing something right!

  • Sylvia

    I clicked on the leaked to watch it and nothing happens. Is their another link where I can watch the show since I am anxious to see it ahead of time. Too long to wait till September (I believe that is when it starts).

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  • Josh Emerson

    I like getting the chance to download the new fall shows during the summer. Besides there being nothing else on TV right now, it’s a chance to weed out the shows that aren’t that great before the new season. I already have a bunch of shows I watch, so I can’t watch all the new ones when they premiere too.

    I was psyched about Pushing Daisies all last summer and made sure I watched when it began airing on TV.

  • Krystal

    I have to admit, I downloaded it. It’s the only pilot leaked so far this season that I have. And it was worth it. Very worth it. I got the same feeling about this that I did when I downloaded the pilot for House.

  • James

    I am seriously crying right now with excitement joy and fulfillment with how good this show is.

    JJ ABRAMs has one freaking brilliant mind.

    With only two seasons left on LOST, I was like darn! no show left.. but here comes FRINGE.

    I’m gonna say it now. Fringe will be LOST big.

    They will for sure milk the X Files-ness of this series for what it’s worth.

    I have great expectations with the audience target as well. I am more than certain X Files fans are jumping on board.