Can TV Guide Sink Any Lower?

It’s official. Thanks to their upcoming June 30th issue highlighting ten scantily clad TV stars and their fitness secrets, TV Guide has officially jumped the shark. Tossing aside any pretense of actual journalism in favor of stories befitting trashy celebrity rags like US Weekly, InTouch or Star Magazine. Sad how the once mighty have fallen.

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  • allie

    That is an extremely raunchy cover for a TV magazine!

  • ewanspotter

    As much as I enjoy Jared Padalecki’s picture in there, I agree. At least our SPN boy is fully clothed. (What? Technically a tank top is clothing.).

  • Couldn’t agree with you more. When I was walking back from the mailbox yesterday and flipping through the mail I thought my wife’s US Weekly had arrived. I was shocked when I saw it was TVGuide. It now sits on the floor next to the coffee table where it probably will remain unread until its trash day. And it’s not just the magazine, I’ve gone to everyday as usual the past couple weeks and nothing interesting has been posted. With the departure of Ausiello and the original podcast crew before him, there’s nobody but Roush worth reading on the site….and this makes my work days all the more longer.

  • Mel

    There was some serious talk of the print magazine being done away with altogether in favor of the online stuff. Since ‘sex sells’ maybe this is a last ditch effort to get subscribership up?
    And, hey, I’m as shallow as the next gal, I’m not afraid to say I watch TV at least in part for the pretty people. But they can keep most of their clothes on.

  • Common Sense

    Any chance to see Mario’s abs is okay by me. It’s amazing the amount of press he gets without having any sort of regular TV gig. Has anyone ever heard the true story behind the demise of the CW’s “8 Days a Week,” which was supposed to star Lopez, Justin Hartley, and a slew of other hot young talent? The show had actually been picked up for 13 episodes, then we heard nothing….

  • Well, Lopez does host America’s Best Dance Crew on MTV, which is very hot and popular among hte younger demos. But I agree 100 percent with this commentary. I was actually saying the same thing to my co-workers yesterday. Last week they had Denise Richards on the cover, and the week before it was the Jonas Brothers. That’s three awful, pointless covers in a row.

  • Um yeah well I’m assuming BAG will be in there then because he was featured on the TV Guide network as one of TV’s hot bods. I’ll have to get it for that.

    This cover actually isn’t nearly as bad as this weeks PEOPLE, did you SEE the photos that they had Mario pose for those?? Hello… PEOPLE had Mario recreate Cosmo’s first male centerfold w/ Burt Reynolds where he was 100% in the buff.


    Seriously how long is it going to be until all of these mags that used to be clean family fare just go European and allow nudity photos? GUH!

  • BHcolin

    I’m not a fan of Mario— and I haven’t read the magazine for awhile but it doesn’t seem too bad a cover to me.

    I mean come on it’s summer and they are in swimsuits. That’s not exactly what I’d call racy either– you could go to the beach and see people in that exact pose (though most likely not as fit)

    I check out TVGuide online- but not too much. Their front page can be full of spoilers — and thank goodness Ausiello is gone, couldn’t stand that guy. I do read Matt Roush though — I like him and like to read his thoughts. If there is a cover of a show I like I’ll buy the magazine — but it is also contains too many spoilers — turn a page and you might find something out you didn’t want to know

    just my thoughts though

  • Derek Bishe

    First the podcast. Then this. Where does it end!

    okay, that’s sarcasm. but i do miss the podcast…