The TV Addict Podcast: Back To TV [S02E08]

In this week’s podcast, hosts Daniel [theTVaddict] and Ari go off on way too many tangents to deliver the longest podcast yet! Rest assured, we also manage to talk about some of your TV favorites. Listen in to the podcast by pressing ‘play’ below or by heading on over to iTunes.

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  • Longst podcast ever? Try best podcast ever. You two keep getting funnier, and I’m not laughing out loud at work while listening to this. From Alzheimer’s to marijuana to prostitution, I’m not sure I even need you to talk about TV, just keep bringing the funny. Oh, and for Ari, the sitcom with the kids and the brother she was talking about is, I’m assuming, Grounded for Life starring Donal Logue.

  • Chitown Mimi

    OMG, you guys are unbelievably hilarious! Why was that the best podcast ever! It was so funny and yet really insightful about shows and television stuff. I really liked it you guys. Alot. Okay, question…thinking about starting the 24 series during the summer. Yea or Nay? I am going to definitely start Greek (especially since all the episodes are available online here in Chicago.) Also thinking of starting the Wire? What do you think Ari and Daniel?

  • John K and Chitown Mimi. Seriously, thanks so much for the kind words. Your comments are the fuel that keeps our inane banter going! Which in some people’s mind, may not exactly be a good thing!

  • EFH

    Hi! Wel my english isn’t good. Sorry for that. I am from Holland, and is read your website sins a month or four. Keep up the good work!

    The podcast was verry funny!! 🙂

  • Tim

    This is probably a little too late to post a comment but that was the best podcast ever! You two should do a show that has nothing to do with tv over the summer.

  • Tim,

    For the record. It’s never too late to post a comment like that!