ONE TREE HILL News: It Ain’t Lindsay!

Michaela McManus Lindsay One Tree Hill

It would seem ONE TREE HILL fans can safely assume Lindsay wasn’t the one whom Lucas invited to Vegas in the show’s season finale. Michaela McManus, who played the Lucas-jilting editor last season, has just signed on to play the new assistant district attorney on LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT, replacing Diane Neal (who played Casey Novak). Hmmm… could NBC and SVU making a desperate (and rather transparent) bid to grab a younger audience?

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  • Ashlyn

    I doubt NBC’s decision to hire McManus has anything to do with trying to get the younger demographic, that is, unless they’re very dim. There are no Lindsey fans following her to SVU. LOL.

  • nathan

    thank goodness it’s not lindsay. i eventually did actually start to like her character especially when she ran out of the wedding but we all know that lucas belongs with peyton. whose with me?

  • One of the CW preview’s for the fall season has Lucas and Peyton leaving there wedding married…could be a another fantasy, but… personally, Brooke might be a better choose for Lucas then Peyton, but not Lindsay.

    Good luck to Michaela on SVU, she did a good job on One Tree Hill and I can’t wait until next season for OTH.

  • shanna

    I’m really sad about this. I’m not a Lucas/Peyton fan and I liked her chemistry with CMM. Plus, I really don’t want Peyton and Lucas to get married in Vegas. I’d rather they work some (incredibly ridiculous) magic and make Brooke the girl he chose.

  • Pi

    Just because Michaela is going away from the show doesn’t mean he won’t call her…

  • blondnluvnit

    that kinda sucks! i liked her but i really want it to be brooke! at first i wanted it to be peyton but i went back and started watching the seasons again until the new season starts and i really like brooke and lucas together so i changed my mind but i guess it really doesnt matter that much to me i like both of them! so ill be happy either way!

  • Dan

    I honestly think that the way things ended between Lucas and Lindsay that it will not be them. I mean come on, what chemestry do Lucas and Lindsay have together. Absolutly nothing is what I think. If I were Lucas I would definatly go for Payton inless she said no again then it would have to be Brook.

  • Dan

    Then again there is always Haley but she is married to Nathen. But you never know what can happen right. Everyone remembers the past episodes with Kieth and Dan who were brothers on the show. What if the past rewrites it self and Lucas falls for Haley, now that would be a good twist to make people wonder. I guess we will just have to see what happens in the next season

  • kim

    i think its payton.
    brooke wouldnt do that to payton AND brooke was expecting a call from someone telling her that angie got home safely.
    there could be a completely different twist though. i gues we’ll have to wait 1 week

  • Jess

    well i think brookes call is from angies parents saying shes home safeyl = brooke happy, leaves it to lindsay and lucas i know no-one thinks tht lindsay is the one but peyton is expecting a call from the guy tht knew ellie = peyton happy suggestion tht ne1 was planning to call Lindsay right?? so onlii luke would b calling er 🙂 x

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