The More You Know

For almost a year now, this TV Addict has been driving around Toronto wondering, “Is it possible I crossed the delicate line between funny and sad with my new ‘TVADDICT’ license plate?” Well thanks to this car I spotted on my morning walk with Mac, I now feel pretty secure in dolling out this bit of advice to my fellow TV Addicts. No matter how big of a nerd your television addiction sometimes makes you feel, you’ll never be as nerdy as this guy [see pic after the jump]

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  • Michael Hinman

    And he drives the same geek-mobile, er, car as you! =P

  • Laura R.

    That’s excellent! And no, I don’t think your license plate is sad at all – mine says OHNSTLY, which is also my domain name.

  • theTVaddict

    Mike, Weird eh? Maybe it’s a Honda Fit thing. Perhaps they should start sponsoring THE BIG BANG THEORY!

  • GMMR

    What the H is a Honda Fit?

  • Alyssa

    Kath, it’s a tiny little car like a Smart Car.

  • MDD

    Still sad.. Star Trek will always be cool…

  • theTVaddict


    Don’t you mean to say, STAR TREK will always live long and prosper… hehehehe

  • Pyggme

    I love your plate, TV Addict. I also laughed a bit when I realised what car modell it was. In never turned up in my country, since the original model name (Honda Fitta) is a four letter word for a woman’s lower regions…

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