By: The REEL Addict

Joss Whedon is awesome. He is better than you. He is better than me. He’s better than roller skates, bubble tea, and kittens combined. That means anything he comes up with is worth anticipating. In this case, we have DR. HORRIBLE’S SING ALONG BLOG, a three part online musical he put together with his brothers during the writers strike. The musical is about a Z-level villain (Neil Patrick Harris, baby) trying to woo a lovely lady (Felicia Day) while contending with pesky superheroes (the amazing Nathan Fillion). I’m pretty sure it’s mathematically impossible or scientifically improbable for this to in any way suck. That’s why you should check out this trailer.

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  • Terri


  • SimplyKimberly

    The internet was made for Joss Whedon. My hope is that we see many more endeavors such as this from him. There is so single greater creator of all things great and lovely to me. He owns my geeky little heart.

  • Brandy

    Can Not Wait!!! Whedon makes it… I will watch