Addict For Sale!

With Webster’s Dictionary defining ‘addict’ as “a person who is addicted to an activity, habit, or substance” this TV Addict has made the difficult decision to put the ‘TV’ in up for sale.

This is not a decision I’ve reached lightly, but the networks have quite literally given me no choice. I mean how on earth can one seriously call themselves a bona-fide TV Addict when they’re no longer addicted to television?

June hasn’t been easy.

Since collecting my jaw off the floor following LOST’s May 29th finale this TV Addict has gone from a weekly schedule that reached into the double digits to five shows which include IN PLAIN SIGHT, SWINGTOWN, PASSWORD, WEEDS and THE SECRET DIARY OF A CALL GIRL.

Which brings me to how exactly this TV Addict has been filling the ridiculously large void left by not feeling compelled to catch the latest episodes of AMERICAN GLADIATORS, AMERICA’S GOT TALENT, THE BABY BORROWERS and THE MOMENT OF TRUTH.

TheITUNESaddict: Thanks to iTunes, I’m one episode away from completing the most surprisingly entertaining new series of the season. Not only was ABC Family’s GREEK the perfect balance of compelling stories and interesting Cartwrights, Cappie, Calvin, Chambers… errr, I mean characters. It proved that a show’s college are anything but boring. Here’s hoping the GOSSIP GIRL and 90210 show-runners are taking studious notes.

TheBOOKaddict: If there’s silver lining to Susanne Daniels stepping down from her post as LifeTime Network President, it’s that perhaps she’ll have a little more free time to write more fantastic books like SEASON FINALE. Co-written by Variety’s Cynthia Littleton, SEASON FINALE gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at the rise and [unfortunate] fall of the WB and UPN networks. Offering a first-hand account about everything from the heated rivalry between the two netlets to insider stories from how such TV Addict favorites such as DAWSON’S CREEK, GILMORE GIRLS, SMALLVILLE and FELICITY came to be. SEASON FINALE is truly must read TV and well worth the the$17.99 on Amazon.

ThePODCASTaddict: Admittedly I’m a bit of a ‘MAC’ fanboy, but thanks to the brilliance of iTunes and Apple TV, this TV Addict helped pass the time on a rainy Sunday by catching up on some installments of LARRY KING LIVE. Fantastic guests like Steve Carell, Kathy Griffin and Jerry Seinfeld who joined Bill Maher, Roseanne and Lewis Black in a special Tribute to George Carlin more than make up for the fact that Larry King is perhaps the most ill-prepared and clueless interviewer in the business.

TheREELaddict: Okay, so already exists, but lately that’s exactly was this TV Addict is turning into. I mean who needs TV when movie theaters are filled with remakes of TV classics like GET SMART and big-screen reunions like SEX AND THE CITY? Not to mention WANTED and WALL-E, featuring the unbeatable one-two-three combo of Angelina Jolie, James McAvoy and an adorable robot named WALL-E

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  • Mohammad

    You know what, the lack of tv in the summer isn’t bothering me, i’m actually enjoying it.

    The reason I like the summer is I can watch long running shows on dvd in marathons without interruption. Last summer I caught up on Lost, Ugly Betty and Prison Break (all of which I continued to watch in the fall) and I enjoyed watching the complete series of Six Feet Under.

    This year, i’m currently on the fourth season of Dawson’s Creek and Nip/tuck, and i’m watching Freaks and Geeks.

    Of course I still have Weeds every week to look forward to 🙂

  • TVFan

    Thanks for the book recommendation. I’ve already added Season Finale to my Amazon wish-list! And I LOVE GREEK.

  • Since you are turning into a podcast addict may I suggest Stephen Fry’s podcasts?

  • bertas,

    Thanks so much for the recommendation. I’m downloading Stephen Fry as we speak. Why do British people sound so much smarter than the rest of the world?

  • Oh, do let me know what you think 🙂 I love it. And if you like it, he was in a few really good TV shows too 🙂

    And its not really British people, its Stephen Fry – he is frighteningly smart…

  • Ha 🙂 I was actually just thinking the opposite. The summer use to be a time to relax and catch up on shows I missed but now. Weeds, Burn Notice, Mad Men, The Closer, Saving Grace, My Boys, In Plain Sight, 30 Days, Swingtown, Secret Diary Of A Call Girl, Eureka, The Cleaner etc etc…. there’s almost just as much on. No down time!!!

  • Seat42f,

    I’d agree with you, except that half of the shows you mentioned aren’t premiering until the mid-to-end of July!

  • Colie

    I adore ‘Greek’. It’s fun, well-acted, and, most importantly, not like ‘7th Heaven’. Which I was afraid it would be like since it’s on ABC Family. Anyway, more people should definitely give it a chance.

  • I like to spend my summers catching up on shows I haven’t been watching (last summer was WEEDS and DEXTER for me).

    And I guess I’m in the trashy minority that is obsessed with some of the summer’s biggest reality shows (A SHOT AT LOVE, THE REAL WORLD, I LOVE MONEY). And of course WEEDS…

  • SeaKo

    Daniel, you should check out a british show called “Skins” (, 2 seasons already made, 19 eps total. U’ll Love It.

  • SeaKo

    Skins is coming to BBC America

    Skins premieres Wednesday, August 13, 9:00 p.m. ET/PT.