GOSSIP GIRL Named To Vanity Fair’s “Bright Young Hollywood” Issue

Vanity Fair’s inclusion of the cast of GOSSIP GIRL as part of their upcoming “Bright Young Hollywood” issue is an oxymoron if this TV Addict has ever seen one. I mean hello!? Four out of seven cast members prefer a BlackBerry to an iPhone? Bright Young Hollywood, I think not!

But seriously folks, To discover which of your favorite members of the Young Hollywood elite made the list, not to mention their individual smart phone preferences click here.

And just for fun, feel free to place your bets as to which members of the GOSSIP GIRL cast will go the way of Lindsay Lohan in five years and which will have the smarts to choose the Emily VanCamp, Amanda Bynes, Evan Rachel Wood career path.

I’m thinking iPhone = career, while BlackBerry smells trouble. You?

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  • TVFan

    Taylor Momsen definitely has Lohan potential.

  • ewanspotter

    Gossip Girl. Could. Care. Less.

  • Dan

    How can you judge people by their cellphone selection?

  • blueberry

    Thanks TVaddict.com. By reading the whole Vanity Fair’s Dim Young Hollywood article, I have officially jumped the shark.

    I need to go to rehab now.

  • shanna

    Seriously? Amanda Seyfreid and Kristin Stewart are so not burnouts. I’ve only gotten thru the first page but I think your love of every thing Apple is clouding your judgment.

  • Mal

    How much did the CW pay the magazine to get their darlings included? Honestly, the way they cram this show down peoples throats is sickening. I wouldn’t watch it just for that reason alone. I prefer to chose a show myself, not be beaten over the head with it.

  • Mark

    Why is this show so popular, again?

    Better yet. Why do people care?

  • Rachel

    Why, yes, it IS an oxymoron now that you mention it – the key portion of that term being the word “moron.” Which is what the editor of the Vanity Fair issue must be if they think anything about this show is bright. This show’s ratings are currently averaging a million viewers – if you ask me, that’s pretty dim. It’s one of the LEAST-WATCHED shows on television. The CW’s Smallville, Supernatural, and Reaper have much higher ratings, in both original episodes and reruns. So . . . put that in your pipe and smoke it, Vanity Fair.

  • shanna

    Actually, GG is one of the most downloaded shows. it’s one of the shows that proved exactly what the writers were fighting for. So although it might not average a lot of viewers it does pick up more on downloads.

  • Maria

    GG is HUGE…all these whiners just jelaous that there CW show didn’t get the promotion 🙂

    GOSSIP GIRL. Best. Show. Ever.

    And come on…Tv addict supposed to be Canadian!!!
    Rim = Blackberry = Canadian 🙂
    Apple = iphone = USA 🙁

  • immie_8

    I’m actually wondering the same thing as you, Mal. I mean The CW is in dire financial straits, and is cutting the budgets of almost every show on its network and still it seems like the amount that they are pouring into the GoGi budget just never ends. I’ve seen a few episodes of GoGi, and while it’s not the best show I’ve ever seen, I’m sure that I’ve seen worse (not a whole lot worse, but a bit), but putting the cast of GoGi along side names like Olivia Thurby is just ridiculous. When it comes to young Hollywood, I’ve seen far better than them and there is no way that just by being on GoGi that they’ve earned their way onto a list like that!

  • It is a shame really because there is so much gossip in Hollywood, people would probably do better if they would get along or not spread rumors. Well now you know how they start so how does a celebrity get over it.