Why I Hate LOST

By: Anonymous

I recently watched all 4 seasons of LOST in a dedicated marathon, based on the TV Addicts comments and recommendations. First of all, I am indeed disappointed with the TV Addict’s infatuation with what I would essentially term a crap show. This self-indulgent, manipulative piece of programming crap has gone on for far too long. In a lot of ways, I can draw parallels between the cast/storyline of LOST and the fans/viewers. What’s presented is an oblivious group of individuals that are essentially “doing the motions” on an island. They are confused and disoriented and they suspend their belief in all things logical, seeking a deep-rooted explanation as to why they are “there”, why they are lost and why they are positioned in this inexplicable scenario. I view avid viewers of LOST similarly. I am afraid to tell them right now that they are “doing the motions” and are awaiting this grand revelation, this euphoric explanation as to why they have spent several hours (years even) viewing this elaborately and intricately crafted tale; sadly, this revelation will never come.

For brief moments, LOST was clever, well-crafted and retrospective/introspective. However, it was soon obvious that the writers had burrowed into a “rabbit hole” that they have no sensible way to lead the viewer out of. Alice has not only wandered off into this deep crevice, but she has run into a band of singing Dutch maids and after a wild and crazy evening has decided to join a softball team and take up a knitting and Capoeira classes while she was at it. You get my point? Maybe not, but that, in fact, is exactly it. The ridiculous tangential lines in LOST are the most unfortunate. The very instant that the viewer was encouraged to suspend logic and settle in this faux-mystical realm was the exact point when I started to “speed-watch” the series. No longer did one have to understand the characters by figuring out their past stories, figuring out why they’d respond to certain scenarios in a certain way. At some point, it “never really mattered” anymore. So, I watched, and watched, and watched, waiting for the series to allude to some minute distant ray of light, to suggest that all my viewing hours had not been in vain, but at this point, Alice had quit law school and become a professional archer.

Flash-forward, flash-backward … all these gimmicks were inconsequential. Actually, initially, I was fine with a mystical island; I was fine with a few (even several “unexplainables”), but midway through the second season, I knew I was being led down a path from which there was no sensible return. So when a character ran off into this dangerous forest to save a dog, or when someone had a fit and decided to wander off into this dangerous forest all alone (and then the rest of the group gathered a team to go save them), or when someone had a hallucination in the forest that was inspired by their past, I could really care less. There was no sense in any of the actions exhibited by the characters. All that was left was a chaotic assemblage of random events.

I resolved that I had done this to myself. After all, I was the sad dude watching LOST. Logic told me to abandon the series after the first season. I however, decided to see it through because I ran into a lady who was keenly awaiting the 4th season finale. In her exact words, she said “It’s such a good show, right?” I shrugged, because then, I had only seen two episodes. Now, I want to hit her upside the head. I’m sure I’ll run into her again though, so don’t you worry.

So, thanks, TV Addict. There is surely a significant part of my existence that I would never get back by going with your recommendation. I’m sure you are perhaps right on other things though. However, as far as LOST is concerned … thanks, but no thanks. And … never again.

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  • Tom Rightbisk

    Wow! I really hate Lost too. I think it is a joke. I mean, who on earth could think that the writers and producers made a well thinked and planned show? They just started with a idea of a mysterious island, but they changed to a stupid concept: everything can happen, and what it´s worst, they don´t want (and now don´t now) how to explain us the crazy situations that they invented.
    I watched all seasons, and probably only the first is the one i liked. I do not hope that in season 6 will have answers. The writers are lost, so lost that i consider myself an idiot to believe in them.

  • 2342

    My thorough belief is that anyone who hates this show simply isn’t smart enough to get it. The purpose of LOST is not to be a cool, suspenseful TV show, it’s a show about philosophy. It’s a show that’s supposed to make you stop and think. TV today is stupid, mindless entertainment. LOST, on the other hand, poses deep philosophical questions and illustrates the views of famous philosophers through the centuries. It’s about a group of ordinary people who find themselves in an extraordinary place. To quote John Locke,”It’s not just an island, Jack. It’s a place where miracles happen.”

    The Monster isn’t just a cloud of smoke. It represents redemption and forgiveness.

    Jacob and his eternal conflict with the man in black represents the social and religious aspects of good vs. evil.

    “There are two playing pieces in backgammon, Walt. One is black. One is white.”-John Locke

    Combine all of the philosophical elements above with classic, Lovecraftean Science Fiction. Then add a dose of Egyptian and Hebrew mythology. Then add some of the most well written and interesting characters TV has ever seen.
    That’s LOST.

  • Wow

    Honestly, I cannot believe how many people ripped the asshole out the anonymous post without offering any suggestions or clarifications. A few of you even went so far as to attack the posters grammar while blatantly ignoring your own misspellings.

    Well now, I am watching lost at this very moment. I am half way through season 2 and highly unsatisfied with all of the sandy vaginas. Jack, for no good reason, ventures into the hatch and becomes Sawyers more bullheaded and less logical counterpart. We are supposed to believe that Jack’s faith is somehow tested by pushing a button? Please. Reset the timer and move on. Lest we forget, it took the writers/editors THREE (3) episodes to move past the two minute scene where Jack realizes he knows the person who is inhabiting the bunker. Lets focus on Hugo, who despite knowing everyone’s insecurities feels the need to keep the number thing to himself. And, my personal favorite would be waiting for someone to smack Charlie and tell him to grow a pair. NO ONE on the island stands up for themselves. All of this goes along with me saying the phrase SO FAR. Like I said, I’m still watching, and will continue to watch until the series is over. I throughly enjoyed the first season.

    To all of you who claim that people who dislike the show “don’t get it” back up and ask yourself if you’re really that kind of dick. Don’t presume that you’re smarter than anyone just because you like a tv show… please Lord in heaven don’t make that mistake! Take it easy and share your opinions. When you lose the ability to keep a space for objective thought, you’ve lost your ability to learn.


  • Weeeddd

    some people dislike this show because they DO NOT GET IT, and that’s majority of people who DO NOT LIKE IT and I think that’s what most of the posters are referring to. I think some episodes are not as fun to watch, it’s understandable, but they’re there for a reason but some people don’t like it because there are like 1 or 2 of those kind of episodes and that’s fine if they’re entitle to their choice, but they’re probably missing out a lot. For this particular show, you have to watch every episode + the upcoming episodes to truly understand and if you don’t like it FINE you can criticize it all you want but don’t say you hate it just because you watch a few random episode here and there and say “ya, i knew it this show sux BORING”.

  • Amnesiac

    I’ve just wasted a significant part of my existence reading this stupid article — just pure meaningless HATE with no well-reasoned arguments backed with facts.

  • Michelle B

    Great post, Ted. Enjoyed it immensely and feel gratitude to you for the pain involved doing the research necessary to criticize Lost properly.

    I am old enough to remember the Golden Age of Television.

    Lost is the worst TV show I have ever seen in my life (and I have lived in 3 different countries)-inane, full of itself, drowning in pseudo-philosophical blathering, roping in weak-brained watchers, feeding them pablum and encouraging them to regurgitate it over and over and over again while marveling at the wonderful taste of the vomit.

    Criticism of Lost and the people who are hooked on it constitutes hatred? Wow, what a bunch of sheltered dopes.

    Now that science is back on the front burner in the US, maybe the popularity of this brain-dead show will prove to be the last gasp of a pampered bunch of sodden brained dimwits.

  • Travis

    I’m sure half these posts are written by the writers of Lost. It was inane, nonsense, half-heartedly written and the actors are one trick ponies. I mean how many times to we have to see Jack look constipated, someone say “Ok lets get the guns and go after…” or wtch time and again as the bad guy becomes the good guy becomes the bad guy and everyone seems quite ok to break bread with the person whom 15 minutes before tried to kill them.

    Until last week (August 2009) I have never seen a single episode. I curse Netflix for allowing me to waste so much time. Its addictive in teh same way that meth is..which is not a recommendation on my part at all. Its rubbish and it comes as no surprise that fans would be so up in arms about the original post.

  • Hugh Blamblisco

    The problem with LOST is that it’s so slow (boring) and largely episodal. Or at least that’s the feeling you get watching it – the story is hardly advanced in any given episode, instead we get some more character development for characters we came to hate 5 seasons back. The only episode I liked which was a story within its self was called “the constant” I’ve watched every single episodes and thinking back this is probably the best thing to come out of LOST – the only joyful memory of an otherwise prolonged torture, but hey look on the bright side, only one more season to go and we will be free from this arduous commitment.

  • Robaralis

    Thank you for posting! LOST is such a stupid show. I agree with what you said that, the writers at first were on to something good. That the idea of a mystical island is a cool one. But the storylines and twists and turns that the show has taken have been hokey and annoying. The whole idea of them RETURNING to the island to join the rest of the gang in that time warp drama was sooo stupid, I actually felt embarressed watching it. The only thing wose than that were the “Flash-Forard” sequences. ::puke::

    LOST is a show that actually does an extreme injustice even to geeks. It is not a smart show at all… An example of a great show that uses flashbacks well would be Highlander!!!

  • phiggenbaum

    I swear some of you snobs act like someone is calling your baby ugly because they don’t like a stupid TV SHOW!! Get over yourselves.

    You can take all your self righteous “people who don’t like it just don’t get it” and “you suck and can’t write well” comments and shove them in your hatch…or send them into the Sun with the fleet…or wake up and realize your comments were all a dream…or whatever other lame “deep” magical moment you are hoping for.

  • phiggenbaum

    Another thing that irritated me about the bad writing…the gun stupidity….how many times do they have to load and cock their guns? And why are live rounds not being ejected when they DO cock it for the fifth time without firing? And why do their guns make cocking noises every time they move them? And…..oh never mind….you get the point…..”kachunk click”

    At least when Michael was around a lot you could be counted on to have him squint his eyes and twitch off 3 of 4 shots into whatever person or object was near every time he heard a noise..including a huge BIRD flying over his head…oh wait some ‘clever” writer thought that would be a great plot device to expose how Jack had given him and empty gun…only it WASN’T clever. How do people write this garbage and not realize how stupid it is?

  • The Best of the Worst Eh?

    I honestly…COULD NOT AGREE MORE! yes, I am shouting that. I think that lost is an extermly well done show with exceptional acting (which at times needs exceptions made for it, but for the most part are steller). I am very forginving with both music, movies and telivision, with a wide variety of enjoyment, thus I can enjoy Lost for what it is, but at the same time I agree, the rabbit hole has gone down far to long, in fact its well beyond comeing out the other end of the world and ending up in space.
    I think that Lost is so cought up on being mysterious that it forgot there was supposed to be an ending. We’ll see if the “final” season will provide all the long lost answers, but honestly I”m not going to be surprised if the “last” season ends and theres a tagline that says “The Conclusion of Lost will be seen in the upcomeing Feature FIlm”…..if that happens I am honestly going to lose it.

    Anyway, Lost = Load of Mystery with no end, compelling acting, exterme depth, but annoying expectation for us to suspend our disbelief to a exterme level (still I can deal with it), over who knows how many hours are used watching this…wait wait I’ll calculate it….6 min later…up to season five aprox 75 hours, and 25 minutes of my time, thats alot of time spent for no actual answers given…..

  • M

    Michelle B wins best post award.

  • Jen

    I find it interesting that a great deal of people who “LOVE” Lost seem to make it a point of attacking the poster of this article and not defend the merits of it. To those who wish to pick my reply apart, read carefully, I did not say all. With that said I would know how I would personally end it, but I doubt they will go that way. Even with a solid ending that people would enjoy, it’s getting a bit stretched thin. I understand that the show would have to end once answers got revealed (or the big answer that is), but it’s a drain on some to endure soap opera level acting for hours at a time with meandering plot.

    I would very much like to say “Hey stick it out! All good things to those who wait!” But I have to be honest folks, unless you’re a firm believer in the journey being the true reward in this, I think you’re in for a letdown at the end. But also, who am I to so arrogantly say that I know for sure? I don’t, and neither do you. However, let me propose a theory:

    Suppose, just for the sake of argument, that the writers never intended to write an ending of their design. One person gets a brainstorm and gives the writers guidelines but he knows as the plot twists and contorts and makes less sense by the day, that writing an ending to this would be very difficult on their own. So, what do they do? They read the blogs on theories for the show and it’s ending, decide which satisifies the most viewers and makes the most sense (by consensus of blog posters) and carefully slips that ending into the last envelope without anyone noticing. Pretty slick. Now you can just treat the story like a playground and when times comes to draw the moneytrain to a close, find best plot blogged and .

    Or, I could be wrong. 🙂 Before I end this.. notice to all trolls: please make sure to attack me personally, not knowing one thing about me. It’s really amusing to read.

  • William

    I don’t like Lost but that does not mean I am somehow a buffoon with the intellect of Michael Sorrentino, and looks of Rosie O’Donnell…and no, my sole reason for not liking the show is not that I don’t “understand it”.

    I am not an avid TV watcher especially in the last 2 years as I have been quite busy with my studies at Leonard M. Miller Med., but for what time I can make I do like to watch a few TV series, especially ones with high viewer ratings such as Lost.

    I personally liked season 1, thought season 2 was alright, and stopped watching at about the 6th or 7th episode in season 3…then watched a few interspersed episodes in the following 2 seasons. I don’t want to take away too much from the credit you give the writers, but when the producers, writers, actors, and network admits to the show being dragged out during seasons 3 and 4 due to not having a solid end-date…I think it would be fair to say that the story was just going in circles with little development. Add to it the sci-fi element which I personally hate, the Jack down spiral which I also hate, and the constant cliff hangers leaving more questions than answering and you lost my viewership.

    To avid Lost fans out there, realize that not everyone will like every show. Had Lost been the greatest thing since self-flushing urinals, the show would have been #1 in the ratings and gained viewers over the seasons rather than lost them. I do expect season 6 to be good though, and if the fans are actually willing to be maturely honest about what they thought of the series’ end when it ends, and the responses are overwhelmingly positive, I’ll pay the $80 or whatever the cost may be for the seasons 1-6 DVD box set.

    Try to be a little more mature, and instead of just pointing fingers on grammar, spelling, or intellect, understand many others did not like the series, and do not hold it as close to their hearts as you do.

  • Deftone

    Like M says, Michelle B rocks it like it is.

  • Charlie Tuna

    Lost just proves that J.J Abrahms is on drugs. Any show that has to have a recap (explanation) show every 5 or 6 episodes, should be taken off the air. And waiting 9 months to just be dissapointed once again?????

    V can go away too…. what a load of ….. well you fill in the blank

  • William

    I watched the recap and the season premiere. I thought it was good especially compared to seasons 2-4. I definitely think that Lost Season 1 was one of the best shows on the air, but after that it just didn’t hold up, and for a show that requires you keep track of every single episode to understand the next and so on..they lost a lot of viewers.

    What they should have done in Lost is what House did with the investigator storyline. Have solid, relatively self-explanatory episodes that people can enjoy, but also have maybe 15 minutes or so that is devoted to developing the long-arc plot. They tried to do this clearly in the 5th season episodes, but by then it was too late because the plot was already quite complicated.

    I hope this season they truly do answer many of the questions that Lost fans have had, and in a manner that hopefully makes them look like intentional plot twists with reasons, rather than have far-fetched explanations.

    So far season 6 is shaping up to be better than seasons 2-5, but if Lost can end on a better note than it started remains to be seen.

  • Paulo

    Lost is a twistathlon, thats all it is and like any roller coaster you enjoy the ride by ultimately go nowhere. There will be no grand resolution.

  • Zigg

    All I keep hearing about Lost is that “it’s going to piss you off, but you won’t be able to stop watching”. Sounds like a show for dummies…

  • YIKES! what a big waste of time. Not the show, reading all of these opinions. Who cares what any of you guys think? Do what you want. Someday will never come. Entertainment should not be given the control to wreck one`s cool. Not at all. I guess I would concider myself a fan of this show, I enjoy watching it with my wife every tuesday. But really, fuck this show, and any other show for that matter.
    I think when I was a kid, I might have gotten more ammusement out of Space ghost coast to coast and Beavis and Butt-head. Oh, wait – I still do. At any rate, some shows stand the test of time, and even though lost is this big deal now, I highly doubt it will maintain it`s appeal to for many of you too much longer. Lets see who cares in 20 years.

    Obviously the “lost” “fans” think this meaningless pile of shite has some kind of relevance, sorry folks it’s ONLY relevance is to SELL PRODUCT.
    A million KUDOS to someone with the courage to call out this overhyped
    violent piece of trash what it really is!!! It was BEST summed up in the Quote ” and are awaiting this grand revelation, this euphoric explanation as to why they have spent several hours (years even) viewing this elaborately and intricately crafted tale; sadly, this revelation will never come.”

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  • SurvivorLover

    Survivor is far better than Lost even if it’s in a whole different kind of category of T.V. you’ve got to admit it :]

  • Claire Bee

    i freaking hate lost. 9,001 kudos to you.

  • Drake

    lol @ all the hate at the OP, who has a completely logical reason as to why he/she hates Lost.

    I don’t understand why there are fans that say haters just don’t “get” Lost when in reality, it’s the haters that truly understand what the show is doing.

    I dislike this show for the same reason. It’s a bunch of random events, themes, and characters stitched together with overly dramatic as-a-matter-of-fact writing. Everything that is “explained” is never truly explored so there’s always a vague understanding of all the events taking place.

    It’s like the writers are driving down a road and randomly pulling sharp turns, to throw you around and get you excited, ultimately however, you have no idea where you’re going or why you’re really there. Sure, they might throw you a bone every now and then but it still doesn’t really make sense; you’re just FORCED to believe it.

    What’s brilliant is that they somehow tricked all of you into believing they’re genius’s.

  • Elizabeth

    All the people I consider ‘my friends’ were all raving mad about Lost. After much contention, I finally caved in and watched the catch up ep from season 6 – “the prequal – episode 6×00”

    I came about this page because I was so traumatized by the show I wanted to see from google if there was anyone else out there who was not a fan of the show.

    This was only one of two web blogs I came across!

    I just would like to say that it may be easy for most to say “Just don’t watch it- why do you have to write about it” – and to be honest I really thought this as well.

    In trying to understand my need to express my dislike, I think it is because of just the pure simple astonishment at my own self of the fact that I don’t like something that everyone I know seems to enjoy.

    In all honesty, I developed a headache watching this prequal, and my brain felt like it was having an icicle driven into my skull.

    I’m not trying to offend Lost – fans. OF COURSE there are horses for courses.

    I was just bewildered at why I can not enjoy the show and wanted to know if I was the only one- I also wondered if there was anything wrong with me?!?

    One blogger in this post said to write shows that an anti-lost fan does like, to get an idea of show preferences. I like Stargate Atlanatis, Stargate Universe, Law and Order SVU, Carebears, House, Heroes, Castle.. does this predict whether I will like Lost?

    Anyway, I honestly found it excruciatingly painful to watch. I am glad I am not alone with this, and i agree with the comments of the fellow non-Lost fans.

    I felt an extreme need to add my 2 cents here- yay for freedom of speech hey?

    Kudos to everyone else who likes the show. I am jealous!

  • bms

    So I just want to start out by saying that in general, i'm a fan of JJ Abrams. That is to say, I'm a fan of most of his works…just not LOST. I too was curious if I was not the only person on the interweb to hate this show (yes I said hate and meant it). Shows I like would be Law & Order, Battlestar Galactica, Arrested Development (to name very few), you know…GOOD STUFF. I'll even watch FRINGE and FIREFLY, I think they're good too. What I won't watch is an over-indulgent (whatever that means) dramatic version of Gilligan's Island. I really wanted LOST to be a great show, but as experience has shown me I can't wan't things into greatness, they must be self luminous. LOST fails on a lot of levels, others have pointed them out so I won't be redundant. The one that bothers me the most is the fact that the drama is so tied up in making you wait episode to episode, season to season. That you're literally hanging on the edge of your seat for a lot of fluff. I guess when you look at the show from a different angle its brilliant, just not at the angle I operate at. I have a feeling that this show is just a cash-cow for JJ Abrams/ABC and crew. I mean the marketing, the content THE CAST, everything is tailored for a huge audience of different demographics. Really a great business idea…not truly a great show. There are great things about it but the sum of its parts detract from whatever is good in the first place.

  • Eazy

    I tried Lost, never went anywhere, was nonesenical, never pulled me in, i watched about 5 episodes, and no show should take more than that to pull ya in, at that point its a waste of time….. And to those who say “OH THEY JUST DONT GET IT” Welllll F-cking explain what there is to get and what you get out of it, back up your claims, support your argument, not just spout off insulting condesceing dribble and BS that contributes nothing of value to this message board…

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  • UGH Lost

    How right you all turned out to be. I gave up on the show after season 2, yes it took me that long to realize that I'm watching a commercial product designed to trick people into waiting for some big, neat wrapup that would never come.
    After watching the finale, I have my vindication. The show was worse than Seinfeld in that at least Seinfeld admitted it was about nothing.

    Lost fans should feel duped for not getting the explanations they thought would come.
    Polar bear? Nope
    Nuclear weapon? Nope
    The dog going AWOL for years? Nope
    The smoke thing? The waterfall thing didn't kill Jack, Des, Ben, or Hugo…..

    Yeah, the show was total crap designed to make commercial money.

    Horrible writing with no thread of intelligence to tell a cohesive story.

  • NaGirl

    I couldn't agree more. I feel like I've lost six years with this show, as they promise so much and gave us nothing.
    I got the feeling they were only trying to make money, cause it's the first time I see not only one but two writers to mess up with the viewers and don't know where they are going with that.

    If they were dead all the time, time travel and many other things were so useless in there, but the number one fail was those **** numbers.

    I'm very disappointed.

  • UGH Lost

    Oh, the NUMBERS!!!! I didn't even start on that. They spent an entire season making those numbers mean everything……
    Don't try to tell Lost fanboys any of this, they can't be bothered with plot and storyline – but wasn't Shannon just SO HOT in the last episode?
    Their target demographic seems to be the retarded based upon the fan blathering online about this show.
    This was Gilligan's Island – with hotter people.
    Nothing more.

  • Thank you. I have to say I totally concur. I got sick of being dragged along after 4 years! I had enough, and I quit. It still pisses me off. So much. I like shows that make you use your brain, but when they're there just to eff with your brain… NO, never again.

    As you can see I am a very frustrated ex-fan. I clung to thousands of LOST websites and played with easter eggs til my brain hurt. Blah, to quote treebeard “There is no curse in Elvish, Entish, or the tongues of men for this treachery.”

  • John Shroped

    Genius Show???? Your so far behind you stupid cunt you actually think your ahead.

  • lol

    lol if any of you haven't figured it out Lost just kept adding more questions and suspensful and random events to keep you watching each episode. It's great for tv marketing, but bad for story. Overall Lost was a bad show that you kept watching because you wanted to figure everything out cause you thought they would eventually answer your questions.

  • Jesse T

    I honestly still LOVE Lost. It was the greatest show i've ever seen and i think will ever see.. I'm still HUGLY obsessed and im getting everyone i know into it cause its amazing! Sorry if it wasn't all that for you, cause it was defiantly super duper fantastic to me!

  • K_mooreon

    haha you had to watch it…you sad person

  • Jack

    And it only got worse.

  • craig

    this show sucks because every god damned episode is like an interview…full of questions. too many cliff hangers. watching one episode never satisfies. its a cheap tactic to get you to watch more of it because we as humans generally seek closure on things.

  • Dramateachersarah

    This is the BEST review!!! completely agree and couldn’t have said it better myself! Awesome.

  • Mohitkhamkar

    well said
    i agreed

  • Jen

    I love lost i like season 6 the most.

  • DinushkaP

    Simple fact Lost sucks! And in an Island they have all the facilities and medicine which never becomes over lol. Not realistic at all! Poor tv show.

  • Yellow9913

    if you havent seen the end than it dosnt make sense but season 6 ties it all together

  • I Tried and I Failed

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!  I really wanted to like this show when it first aired, missed the first episode because I was at work, and missed the first part of the second episode (also working).  By the third episode I was completely in the dark and confused and had no idea why people thought it was so great.  I assumed it was because I missed the first two episodes.  When it came out on DVD, a friend insisted that I take it and watch it and I figured that I’d love it if I saw it from the beginning.  It took everything I had to make it through the first episode (I NEVER would have sat through it on tv when it aired, no way, no how).  By the middle of the first episode it was obvious how the whole series was going to end (I’ve seen episodes of “Scooby Doo” that were less obvious than the ending of this series).  Yet because so many people I liked and respected enjoyed it so much (and even re-arranged their schedules around it), I stayed indifferent as much as possible. 

    There was nothing in the episodes I watched (about half of the first season and several other episodes that I watched once my boyfriend discovered LOST) that made me even halfway care about any of the characters.  Some of these actors are decent actors, but  they weren’t doing a good job of being believable on this.  Melodrama overload!  I tried.  I wanted to like it (I know it might not sound like it, but I really did want to like this show). 

    I work in theatre for a living.  I make my money and pay my bills by suspending disbelief, but I couldn’t buy this for a moment. 

    Then, a few months ago, my boyfriend discovered LOST.  There are no words to describe how much I loathe and resent this show now.  For six weeks I essentially never saw him and hardly had a single conversation with him that wasn’t at least partially about this (blanking) show.  He’s no re-watched most of it and still spends hours of his spare time each week reading different theories about it online.  I just want my boyfriend back!  I told him recently that I’d be willing to give up anything on tv that I watch that he hates if he’d give up watching this while I’m home.  I swear, the next time I have to watch this crap he’s cut off for a week.  I know it’s a personal vendetta that I have against this show, but I didn’t like it even before he fell head over heels for it.

  • Dwarf9999

    I think the worst feeling a viewer can get after watching a TV series is: “WTF did I just watch? I want those XX hours of my life back!”.

    I congratulate Lost for managing to evoke that feeling from me, after dragging through 6 seasons.

    Every season after the first followed the basic formula:

    1) Introduce some new characters
    2) Show large amount of pointless “flashbacks/flashforwards/flashsideways”
    3) Kill the new characters


  • resonent frequency

    does it even remotely occure to any of you that you are being played by a cleverly crafted cinematic mind fuck to keep you watching a cinematic mind fuck so you will keep watching a cinematic mind fuck so you can watch commercials to sell you useless products to keep people working in the game of cinematic mind fucks?

  • abhilodha

    A smoke monster what the hell was that////

  • Maximus Johanssan

    The writers of Lost and the actors involved in that idiotic show, perpertrated a mass illusion to all of the feeble minded fans of that show.They had a sick sense of humor
    in naming the show “LOST” to reflect both the plot of the show as well as the
    sensless viewership themselves. In much the same way Jerry Sandusky the Penn State
    Pedophile name his autobiography “Touched” he perverted sensibilities while mocking
    everyone he could. “Lost” fans are much like fans who sell-out a stadium thinking its
    going to be a U2 concert only to discover when the stage lights up that its a hand puppet show.Here’s a handkerchief….dry your eyes suckas…and try to recoup all of those IQ points you “LOST”