My Fellow TV Addicts, Happy Canada Day

Taking a page from the REEL Addict, this TV Addict thought he’d not only take a moment to wish my fellow Canadians a wonderful Canada Day. But use this opportunity to shamelessly highlight some of Canada’s best and brightest that Canada has to offer when it comes to small screen entertainment.

Emily VanCamp
While this TV Addict could spend hours gushing over the brilliance that was Emily VanCamp on EVERWOOD [see clip], not to mention the shock wave her ‘Other’ Walker sent through the BROTHERS & SISTERS household. We’d rather congratulate VanCamp for doing so while remaining Tabloid-free and a shining example for how Bright Young Hollywood should conduct themselves. Here’s hoping our next girl on the list is taking notes.

shenae grimes 90210Shenae Grimes
If you’re reading this and asking yourself, “Shenae who?” Flash forward to Fall 2008, when the CW takes the wraps off its highly anticipated return to this TV Addict’s favorite zip code: 90210.

tahmoh penikettTahmoh Penikett
The number one sign you’ve made a good first impression in Hollywood: When your one-note performance in BATTLESTAR GALACTICA’S miniseries was so intriguing that producers went out of their way to create an entire subplot based around your characters adventure. The second, catching the eye of Joss Whedon and earning a spot in his highly anticipated new series DOLLHOUSE. January 2009 can’t come soon enough.

Robin Sparkles & Cobie Smulders
As important as it is to highlight Robin Sparkles for her contribution to the Canadian Pop landscape. The person we really should be thanking is actress Cobie Smulders. Who not only made it cool to return to the mall and build sandcastles in the sand. But who week-in-week-out reminds American viewers that Canada is its own country. Not just as Homer Simpson once put it, “America Jr.”

Michael Cera & Will Arnett
If there is a silver lining to the unfortunate demise of FOX’s brilliant-but-cancelled series ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, it’s that the world finally caught up with what this TV Addict knew five years ago — Canadians Michael Cera and Will Arnett are comedy gold. And in Hollywood, ‘Comedy Gold’ plus ‘Bankable Stars’ equals ‘Box Office Bonanza!’ Translation: We should be getting an official announcement on an ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT movie any day now!

For more great Canadian actors, click here to check out’s List of his Top Favorite Canadian Actors including: Will Arnett (again!), Sarah Carter, Tom Cavanagh, Sarah Chalke and Nathan Fillion. And just in case you’re wondering, YES, this TV Addict is slightly bitter that the REEL Addict decided to steal many of my favorite actors for his list. I wonder if he knows all of his picks are really TV stars!

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  • I knew that would come to bite my in the ass, haha. All I can say is, I can’t help it if so many phenomenal Canadian actors are making their mark on the small screen. After all, my list was called Favorite Canadian Actors, not Favorite Canadian Movie Actors 🙂

  • Happy Canada Day everyone 🙂

    Should e-mail family members in Toronto actually, thanks for the reminder 🙂

  • I guess this means it’s time for Robin Sparkles to stop rockin’ my body.

  • Charles

    Cobie Smulders and Emily Vancamp! Eeee! So gorgeous and talented.

    But where’s the love for Gregory Smith?

  • Once again, those darn Canadians are trying to steal a holiday from us! =P

    Oh wait, The TV Addict is in Canada … ooops. sorry …

    Happy Canada Day!

    (what exactly IS Canada Day anyway?)

  • Happy Canada Day!
    I love Canada day, fireworks at Lake Ontario rock!

  • Firstly to John K — it’s comments like those that show why you actually get paid to write about TV!

    Secondly: After viewing my fellow blogger TapeWorthy’s shout out to Canadians today, I wanted to add a few worthy candidates to the list.

    Victor Garber. Can’t believe I forgot him.
    Joshua Jackson. Here’s hoping FRINGE lives up to the hype.
    Sandra Oh. One of the best things about GREY’S ANATOMY.
    Taylor Kitsch. Seriously did not know he was Canadian.
    Donald Sutherland. For being awesome, and spawning Kiefer.
    Evangeline Lilly. Follows Garner and Russell as one of J.J’s Girls.
    Natasha Henstridge. Can’t wait for ELI STONE season 2.0
    Tricia Helfer. Sexiest Cylon Alive.

    Check out TapeWorthy’s entire list at:

  • Tahmoh is CDN??? damni didnt know THAT!

    I think between the three of us, we got it covered!

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