Ask The Addict: John Barrowman Edition

Question: You call yourself a TV Addict, yet not a word on the fact that Hollywood has been virtually shut down [once again] courtesy of a labour dispute between the AMPTP, SAG and AFTRA! What’s the deal? — Karen.

The TV Addict: Following the incredibly depressing WGA Strike, this TV Addict has chosen to live in a town I like to call Denial. Population myself and eight million or so MOONLIGHT fans who are still holding out hope that the show isn’t dead.

Question: Did the hot guy from LIPSTICK JUNGLE appear in a soap opera last year? I swear I saw him in one!
— OTHer

The TV Addict: Since the last thing this TV Addict needs to do is get himself hooked on Soap Operas that air new episodes on a daily basis! I’m going to toss this question to frequent TV Addict contributor and Soap Opera Expert Couch Tater. “Well, I’m going to assume that when you say “the hot guy” you mean Robert Buckley, who plays photographer-by-day, studmuffin-by-night Kirby Atwood on NBC’s LIPSTICK JUNGLE. If that’s the case, then the answer to your question is yes. Kind of. Although he’s never done a daytime soap, he starred in not one but two of MyNetwork’s telenovelas. First, he played a photographer — are we sensing a pattern here? — in the 2006 series FASHION HOUSE, which featured Morgan Fairchild and Bo Derek as dueling divas. Then in 2007, he played rich boy Matthew Wakefield in the damn-near-unwatchable AMERICAN HEIRESS, which was about… oh, who really cares? Next up for Buckley? The sci-fi flick ROBOT BATTLE, which supposedly will go the direct-to-video route and stars a bunch of people you’ve never heard of, and Killer Movie, starring Kaley Cuoco (8 SIMPLE RULES), Nestor Carbonell (LOST), Leighton Meester (GOSSIP GIRL) and Al Santos(GROSSE POINT). In other words, we’ll totally be catching this flick.

Question: Any news on the recently green-lit BATTLESTAR GALACTICA movie that will shoot this summer? — CylonLover33

The TV Addict: Not surprisingly, plot details are being guarded as tightly as Tricia Helfer’s outfits. But SyFy Portal’s Michael Hinman was quick to point out to in a recent interview that Galactica Sitrep’s assertion that Jane Espenson will be scripting the movie is incorrect. Adding that GALACTICA Executive Producers and writing partners David Weddle and Bradley Thompson already confirmed to him [Hinman] in a recent interview that they’re set to pen the script.

Question: Any scoop on Discovery Channel’s show THE DEADLIEST CATCH? — Fishercutbait

The TV Addict: Crabs will be caught, deckhands will nearly fall overboard and I’ll get majorly seasick thanks to the constant waves. In other words… um, no.

Question: When is FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS returning. I miss my Dillon Panthers! Okay, really just Taylor Kitsch. But still — Jessica

The TV Addict: FNL’s third season kicks off [cue applause for witty football reference] on DirecTV on Wednesday October 1 at 9PM on “The 101 Network.” Not a DirecTV subscriber? Well join the club of anxious fans who will have to wait until, at the earliest, January 2009 for NBC to rebroadcast the episodes. Seriously, not bitter at all.

On a semi-related post-Canada Day note, this TV Addict just learned yesterday courtesy of fellow TV blogger TapeWorthy that Taylor Kitsch is actually a British Columbia native and proud Canadian. Joining an ever-increasing roster of really really REALLY good looking Western Canadians including Kristin Kreuk, Tahmoh Penikett, Tricia Helfer, and Evangeline Lilly. Maybe someone wants to take a look at what’s in the drinking water?

Question: Kelly Bishop or Merrilyn Gann: Who would fit best as Marsha Mason’s Matriarch replacement on SURVIVING THE FILTHY RICH. indicated the role was being recast, so who do you think would be the better fit? Yes, we’ve seen Bishop in that type of role on GILMORE GIRLS, but would she be up for it again? Merrilyn Gann’s no pushover either, demonstrating an under-appreciated depth of acting on EVERWOOD [not to mention her stint on SUPERNATURAL). Just throwing this out there. — Charles

The TV Addict: After endless days of back and forth deliberation, not to mention more than a few sleepless nights [thanks A LOT Charles!] I’ve finally concluded that Merrilyn Gann would be this TV Addict’s ideal choice to replace Marsha Mason’s matriarch on SURVIVING THE FILTHY RICH.

Don’t get me wrong, Kelly Bishop was robbed of at least six Emmys and four Golden Globes during her successful run on the GILMORE GIRLS. But I’m just not so sure that after seven seasons spent playing the all-powerful and let’s face it, incredibly intimidating Emily Gilmore — I’d be able to buy into SURVIVING THE FILTHY RICH’s conceit that Bishop must hire glorified nanny Joanna Garcia to help handle two filthy rich granddaughters.

Of course it turns out that this discussion is completely moot now that the Hollywood Reporter recently revealed that Anne Archer has been tapped to replace Marsha Mason on the show. Which I should probably mention just changed it’s title to the far more succinct [not to mention generic and boring] title PRIVILEGED.

Question: Can you tell me if SUNSET TAN will be coming out on DVD anytime soon? — Ray S.

The TV Addict: Seriously? Is this what it’s come to? Are you so starved for entertainment that you’ll watch — and I’m gonna guess, if you’re buying it on DVD, actually rewatch — SUNSET TAN? Well, I’m not hear to judge, so I’l just tell you that the series will hit DVD on August 5.

Question: Please tell me that WIPEOUT is doing well in the ratings! I love that show! — Richie

The TV Addict: Well, who doesn’t enjoy watching people hurt and humiliate themselves by bouncing off giant rubber balls and avoiding jabs from boxing gloves? Apparently, you can count on enjoying the suffering of others for the time being: WIPEOUT was actually the number one show of the week according to just-released Nielsen numbers, with over 10 million sadists… er, viewers tuning in for the fun.

Another week, another disappointing scoop free installment ‘Ask the Addict’. Explain yourself? — AngryAddict42

The TV Addict;Admittedly, scoop isn’t this TV Addict’s strong suit. But that doesn’t mean I’m completely useless. Turns out, I’m quite the budding paparazzi. And to prove it, here are more than a few photos from a recent evening spent behind TORCHWOOD star John Barrowman. And no, that wasn’t meant to be nearly as dirty as it sounded!

Monday night, your very own TV Addict attended his second taping of CBC’s hit reality TV show HOW DO YOU SOLVE A PROBLEM LIKE MARIA. And after discreetly slipping a five spot in the usher’s suit pocket, I managed to snag a prime seat mere feet away from celebrity judge John Barrowman.

So to make up for a complete lack of scoop, enjoy a ridiculous amount of intrusive photos featuring one of Britain’s most famous exports.

john barrowman toronto how do you solve a problem like maria

john barrowman toronto how do you solve a problem like maria

john barrowman toronto how do you solve a problem like maria

john barrowman toronto how do you solve a problem like maria

john barrowman toronto how do you solve a problem like maria

john barrowman toronto how do you solve a problem like maria

john barrowman toronto how do you solve a problem like maria

john barrowman toronto how do you solve a problem like maria

john barrowman toronto how do you solve a problem like maria

john barrowman toronto how do you solve a problem like maria

And don’t forget, any and all TV questions can be emailed to More importantly, there are no stupid questions, just stupid TV shows [see ACCORDING TO JIM].

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  • Allie

    I like that you go to the effort of putting a column together, but I need scoop 🙁 I’m in serious withdrawal here – very limited tv that’s worth watching and no scoop filled columns (apart from a shorter than average column by Matt at TV Guide). I’m dying! Thanks goodness Burn Notice, The Closer and Mad Men are starting soon. Without them on the horizon I don’t know what I’d do. Arghhhh!

  • Daniel:

    Since we talked, it seems that some context had been added to the Galactica Sitrep story. They are saying that the information they have is an UPDATE to what David Weddle told us just a couple weeks ago.

    So, just FYI to everyone, that we are in the process of contacting David Weddle as well as Eddie Olmos to find out if a change had been made. The initial indication I got from Eddie’s people is that he’s not scheduled to direct anything else on Battlestar, and if they were doing it this year, he wouldn’t really have the room in his schedule. But they are going to contact Eddie to find out for sure and get back to me.

    So this could be an update (which we can acknowledge it as one now that we have context to the story), and I’ll let y’all know as soon as I hear.

    I thought Denial was a river, not a town …

  • jess

    For all you Taylor Kitsch I hear he is playing Gambit in the new Hugh Jackman Wolverine:Origins MOvie

  • Common Sense

    Ashamedly, I admit to watching the premiere of Wipeout last week. Who knows why, but I was laughing out loud thru most of the first half-hour. It’s especially funny seeing an overweight woman bouncing off those giant balls and into the mud. Even the lady announcer lost it. The fatter, the better, I say….bring ’em on, ABC! You’ve tapped into that mindnumbing “idiot demo” that 5th Grader and Moment of Truth grabs for! Way to keep the standards high!

    That said, I wouldn’t mind catching a few more fatties bouncing into the mud.

    RE: Preivileged / Why recast a four-time Oscar nominee’s role? Marsha Mason was shaping up to be the best thing about the show. Who didn’t love her as ascerbic Sherry on Frasier? She’s great, and this decision is mystifying.

  • Jackie

    I forgive the lack of scoopage for your lovely semi-intrusive Barrowman photo spread–I am easliy pleased.

  • Gowan

    I think you meant January 2009 for NBC viewers to see the new season of Friday Night Lights.

    Also, does Barrowman look like he’s had some work done lately or is it me?

  • NikkiHolly

    John Barrowman! i’m just starting to watch Torchwood on DVD, and so far it’s great.

    damn. knew i should’ve gotten direct tv instead of iO.

  • Brandy

    I love Captain Jack, so no scoop is okay… this time! 😀

  • Dana

    I love John Barrowman. He is fantastic!! Series finale of Doctor Who with him on Saturday! 🙂

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  • Snoodle

    Lack of scoopage *easily* forgiven for the totally gratuitous John Barrowman photo spread, in or out of character, that man has no business being that gorgeous and talented :p 😉

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  • Lucy

    O.M.G….john barrowman=HOTNESS! I am offically asking santa for him! Any chance of finding john under the tree this year… ;]