Pimp YOUR Favorite Show [Again!]

As you may have noticed, the giant image [or ‘header’ to get all web design guy on you] hyping the new season of BURN NOTICE is woefully out of date. The reason. It’s July and frankly, this TV Addict’s got nothing!

So with that in mind I thought, why not, once again, open the space up to the fans.

How would you, yes you random [insert favorite show] fan like to use the above space to help promote your favorite show. Want thousands of television fans to know that you love everything Jared and Jensen? That the fight for MOONLIGHT is still alive! Or maybe, just maybe your name is Michael Ausiello and you’d like to let your fans know about your new job at Entertainment Weekly [Can his head fit in the header?]

Simply email danielthetvaddict@gmail.com an image that measures 713 pixels wide by 248 pixels high [Note: Please keep all images family friendly] and who knows, the next time you visit theTVaddict.com, the enormous header image staring back at you could be your own.

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  • K. J. Rutherford

    CBS has never had a drama as good as Moonlight, so I feel sure they won’t come up with one as good in the future. Besides, Moonlight was so unique, there could be no substitute – i don’t want one!

  • K. J. Rutherford

    What do you mean by “moderation”?

  • michelle

    Moonlight is and always will be one of the best shows that is out there,
    Supernatural is right there on top with Moonlight.
    CBS you have seen your downfall by getting rid out this show, we are 8 million strong and will follow Mick and Josef where ever they may go.

  • E. Eichorn

    What a great alturnative to the regular Friday night programing.CBS really missed the boat on this one. How many versions of crime shows can a person watch? Surely 8 million of us can’t be that wrong……

  • SamT

    It is a rare case for me to become completely hooked on a show after only watching the last half of one episode. That is what a great storyline does. Moonlight had that for me. And as you can see, I am certainly not alone. I do not claim to know one thing about the TV business and really I don’t need to know. What I do know is MOONLIGHT brought me back to CBS every Friday night. A very faithful Moonlight supporter, Sam T

  • Louise

    Over 50, but not over MOONLIGHT! Never have I participated for a TV show. This is my first. Will someone please pick this series up???
    Desperate housewife wanting more of Moonlight. Every Friday night I play a rerun. Just when I think I am over the loss and have to move on… it happens all over again. We need a 2nd season.

  • Nancy O’

    MOONLIGHT fans are not going going away quietly into the night, we love the moon light and will continue to fight for the most original, captivating show ever to grace the small screen. I have joined the fight to save Moonlight, when I have never attempted to fight for a TV show before, because this is a one of a kind show that has brought out the best in everyone who has been touched by it. I have to continue to believe that some network exec will realize what a gem this show is and how having a show on their network that inspires such loyalty and acts of charity by its fans is good for business and more importantly is a show that they should be proud to air.

  • BGC

    Glad to see we’ve made our point. I have been thinking this whole “demographic”. The peak year of the Baby Boom was 1957, one MILLION of us born that year alone. The several years on either side are also the most births…so those of us at the top of the peak are at or PAST the magic demographic-the average TV viewer is getting older, and not interested in the pablum that networks (CBS) are trying to feed us. We are Baby BOOMERS, not babies!! We demand better entertainment. We have the $$$$ to back up sponsors. NETWORKS take note- The same people who brought you the original social revolution are still here and still kicking! I can’t make a banner, but I am still fighting for Moonlight!

  • Liz

    I am shamelessly pimping for Moonlight and am in this fight for as long as it takes to get our show back in some shape or form.

  • Did CBS make a mistake? What we call a WHOPPER back in MN where I come from! Human/vamp love is SOOOOO popular! CBS was the FIRST to put out a GREAT vampire/ detective/ mystery/ romance/ EVERYTHING show and they BLEW IT OFF! Someone there needs badly to be fired and then CBS needs to crawl on its knees and BEG the 8-10 MILLION viewers that it has alienated to PLEASE forgive them for being so stupid, and then they need to put MOONLIGHT back on the air ASAP!!!! Yes, we fans will NOT give up the fight–this was such an atrocity that we can’t let it go. Plus, the show was the ONLY show on TV worth watching! And that many fans boycotting CBS might hurt! We need our MOONLIGHT back where it belongs–in our homes once a week! SOMEBODY out there must have the brains to see the potential in this project! Good Grief, Charlie Brown!

  • Lynn M . UK

    Love the banner,never really used computers till now.Please hear us right here right now! Wake up TV powers in the USA please save our MOONLIGHT. 50,40 and teens love it in our house. Something we could all enjoy together. Made us laugh,cry,bite our nails and want more so much more to tell. Let it be told PLEASE !!!!!!! Love from ENGLAND Lynn & Family

  • Pam

    Moonlight it one of the shows my daughter and I can share together and watch, talk about , and its something to look forward to.
    Well was . I really hope something happens and some network realizes it is a mistake to not bring it back for another season.


  • CBS of the past was always the risk taker, MASH, All In The Family, and many other superior shows, that brought up controversial issues, morality issues, and added the humor to the drama. There are many shows on various networks, but none have affected me like “Moonlight!” From the very first airing I was immediately captivated. I became a fan instantaneously, and did a search on the cast. I needed to know more about them, and ordered movies they had appeared in. When people have a talent it should be enhanced, and the cast and crew are most definitely of superior talent. It’s a shame when CBS goes on record publicly, that “Moonlight” is their baby, yet doesn’t promote the show, it makes me wonder wouldn’t you brag about your baby?

    The fans sought each other out, dedicating blogs, websites, chats, fan fiction, artwork, discussion boards, blood drives, bone marrow registries, and other proactive ways of getting this delicious show back. In a time, where we have multiple initials in dramas, not to mention that they have lost the appeal since it seems they all have similar crimes, and not much new material or innovative characters, which means anymore they’re all alike.

    Whereas, “Moonlight” was not only about vampires, it was the oldest adage of all, good versus evil. It had the immortality effect, but if given the option to be immortal, hey I’d go for it. The drama of “Moonlight” had humor, action, adventure, romance, mystery, and dealing with every day emotions and adversities. Did CBS make a mistake especially with all the new vampire movies coming out? My answer, heck yes! Will we as fans continue the fight? I’m not stopping that’s for darn sure!. I’ll donate money, give blood, participate in any army or movement to get my favorite show back, no matter what network picks it up. I will follow and so will the other 8 Million plus viewers. Donating money for billboards, advertisements on NY cabs, writing letters, whatever it takes. Moonlight had the ratings, it had the viewers, it had the support, now all it needs is a network.

    Like I said previously, CBS made a public statement that “Moonlight” was their baby, but they never bragged about their baby, Warner Bros did the promotions. If you think this is obsessive behavior, it’s actually not, cause I’d never throw my baby out of the window like dirty water, I’d love it, cuddle it, and guide it, definitely not dump it.

    I understand about budgets, I’ve handled many budgets in Corporate America, but it wasn’t about ratings, that was a misguided statement made by the CBS executives, especially when The Nielsen Ratings notified CBS that there had been a glitch in the system by miscalculating the numbers, they had been much higher, and CBS was forced to open a separate phone line for the fans to call in with the demographics. CBS couldn’t keep the phone lines clear. I’m setting the record straight for those that don’t know the truth.

    As one of the millions of fans, it just takes one voice, well here you have millions of voices protesting in a proactive and dignified way, that our baby was thrown out, and fighting to get our child back, we will continue the march, and the battle to get “Moonlight” back for a second season.

    In the interim, I watch Moonlight on my DVR or on ITunes, continue to write letters, participate in chats, donate blood, donate money, do web pages, blogs, and write fan fiction. Moonlight is worth saving, so back to the drawing board for something new and innovative to come up with and for the voices to be heard!

    In Vampire Solidarity Rah Rah,

    Janice aka Minkybod

  • kariana cameron

    Miss Moonlight. The show had everything,a great cast,writers a great set.That seems to be the fatal mistake .It was too good so it had to be cancelled.It made everything else boring. well I have givin up everthing else (TV) and gone back to books and movies.However I do Have my Moonlight unbox so I still have My Moonlight !

  • OlWolf

    I was one who was so disgusted with recent TV programming, that I kept my TV off for years. In Fall ’07, I decided to check out the new shows to see if they’d improved. That’s when I caught ‘Moonlight’ in it’s first episode! I was caught within the first 5 minutes, and never missed an episode until the Hallway Door closed in ‘Sonata’. I’d finally fallen in love with my TV! All because of ‘Moonlight’! Each episode hauled me through Joy, Tears, Love, the Adrenalin of the Hunt, Laughs, and Pain… all inside of an hour! At the end of each episode, I was satisfied, exhausted and happy – and I couldn’t wait for the next one to air! TV was finally FUN!
    When CBS cut it off – I was devastated! Why when TV finally placed an interesting, fun, and intelligent show in such a crappy time-slot – and gained millions of fans anyway… why did they cancel it? The episodes are now airing in Germany, Israel, and other countries around the globe… and the fan-forums are collecting MORE Moonlighters every week! That’s on top of the over 8 million in the States! And we’re all friends working together to get Moonlight a new home! Star Trek NG, and X-Files both were dropped and then picked up by another network to run successfully for YEARS after! Moonlight can do the same!
    I’ll continue to press for Moonlight’s return! It can only die if we let it – and I refuse to let go!