Disappointment Weekly

michael ausielloKnowing that this week was Michael Ausiello’s inaugural column in Entertainment Weekly Magazine and being somewhat of an Ausiello aficionado, it should come as no surprise to readers of theTVaddict.com that this TV Addict took some time on what has turned out to be a surprising beautiful Friday afternoon to pop into my local Indigo Bookstore [Canada’s Barnes & Noble] in order to get a first look at the new issue of Entertainment Weekly — that won’t arrive in my mailbox until Monday at the earliest because Canada Post has their head… well that’s another rant for another day.

Needless to say, imagine my disappointment when I discovered that the much—anticipated column from Michael Ausiello turned out to be nothing more than a condensed version of the scoop that he already posted on EW.com days earlier, alongside a few ‘Burning Questions’ that he [you guessed it] already answered!

As a self proclaimed TV Addict I’m used to summer reruns on television. But in magazines? Talk about your disappointment weekly.

Which brings me to my burning question. If Entertainment Weekly is simply going to rerun its online content in its magazine a week later, why exactly am I spending my hard earned money on a subscription?

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  • Alyssa

    Because not everybody spends every day on the internet? Because he is putting the information out there as soon as possible and not excluding the information from people who don’t check the website? Because you don’t only read EW for his section?

  • ewanspotter

    If I want spoilers, I get them online as quickly as they arrive. I read EW for the stories and the industry news.

  • Ouch… I might have to agree with Alyssa on this one. 🙁 sorry Daniel.

  • TVFan

    I too was expecting an original Ausiello column in EW. Not a rehash of what’s already on the web site.

  • Andy, no worries that you’ve agreed with Alyssa. Seriously, haven’t been in tears all weekend! And Alyssa, good point. The column is completely fine for those non-TVAddicts who don’t have ew.com bookmarked in their browser. I’m just saying, that as someone who does, I really am starting to contemplate canceling my EW subscription that I’ve been paying for since 1995.

  • BHcolin

    I wouldn’t cancel my subscription — I mean unless it’s because they hired the guy in the first place. something about Michael Ausiello bugs me. Maybe it’s the fact that he made it so I didn’t want to read TVguide online cause his spoilers were on the front page — so you couldn’t avoid them. Oh that he seems to think he is the King of the World. Just my thoughts

    but I agree with ewanspotter, I read EW for the stories and industry news. I mean now days you can get most anything online before it’s in print — but I like the cover stories, the in depth features and actually holding a magazine in my hands

    and I must say I try to avoid spoilers as much I can. So I like being surprised. I mean you hear thing here or there but for the most part I’m spoiler free — but with Michael Ausiello even if you didn’t read his sections on TVguide online you were still hit over the head with them when you hit their front page. I mean it’s cool if you want to read him, but why did they have to have sh-t on the front page. You know what I mean