A Call to Emmy Voters: Stop Voting For ‘Name’ Guest Actors

Is it just me, or is there something really fishy about the recently leaked list of Top Ten Emmy Semifinalists for Best Guest Actor in a Drama Category?

While I’ve got nothing against any of this years more-than-worthy list of semifinalists. I just can’t help but get the impression that the only pre-requisite one needs in order to score a guest acting Emmy nomination entails being an already established ‘name’ on either the big or small screens.

Just take a look at some of the previous years nominees in both the comedy and drama categories. Or as I like to call it, Groundhog Day — Emmy Style! Charles S. Dutton, John Laroquette, Alec Baldwin, Forest Whitaker and Glenn Close all earned multiple nods while single nominations have been given out to quite a few young up and coming actors you may be familiar with, including Susan Sarandon, David Morse, John Goodman, Patrick Stewart, Ben Stiller, Catherine Helmond and Cloris Leachmen.

Which begs the obvious question. Rather than provide Susan Sarandon with another little gold statuette to accentuate her second guest bathroom, would it not be nice to see Emmy Voters nominate actors who could use the exposure that comes with winning. I mean seriously, rather than nominate Robin Williams for his creepy turn on LAW & ORDER SVU, isn’t it time to provide a leg up to an actor whose career is just beginning and could genuinely benefit from winning such a prestigious award?

Because I’m pretty sure Brad Pitt doesn’t really need the validation of an Emmy for his guest appearance on FRIENDS. Like winning both the genetic lottery and Angelina Jolie’s heart isn’t enough.

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  • Common Sense

    It’s so obvious, it’s criminal: The “Nominating Committee” nominates their own acting friends or big names they recognize–WITHOUT FAIL. The Emmys do not go to the most-worthy (we ALL know that), but rather are given as a lifetime award to those deemed worthy or as a lure/reward to “film” stars to continue working in the TV medium.

    The Emmys are so pathetically irrelevent, why does anyone even bother with them anymore? They’ve turned themselves into an industry laughingstock. My guess is, they’re really befuddled this year without the Sopranos available to stock each category with.

  • Mark

    I’ve just given up on the Emmy’s. I won’t bother watching them unless someone truly deserving gets nominated. Which will be never.

  • EmmysAlive

    A guest starring role, as I understand it, means an appearance of an already established performer who is onboard to either boost ratings or fits the profile of a one-off character required for the show.

    I believe any up and coming young performer wouldn’t have the clout/star power/sway to either boost ratings or act as a mentor to existing characters on the show.

    The guest star category for the Emmys should remain because it highlights the diversity of roles offered for actors willing to manoeuvre between film and television and offers interesting and watchable storylines.