This just in: Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello continues to put the smack-down on rival E! Online TV scooper Kristin Dos Santos since jumping ship from the sinking ship that is TV Guide.

Oh wait, you wanted breaking news about your Dillon Panthers? Well, for that incredibly sad news involving two of your favorite FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS cast members departing, you’re going to have to head on over to the Ausiello Files. Because for some reason or another, he knows stuff that we don’t.

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  • TVFan

    As much as Ausiello’s enormous ego can get on my nerves. I gotta hand it to the guy. He certainly started off his stint at EW on the right foot.

  • Kristen

    Jason was the reason I started watching FNL in the first place! There aren’t any characters on tv that physically disabled people can really relate to. Everyone keeps saying how he doesn’t go to school there anymore but he’s still an integral part of the team. He reminds them to really appreciate the game.

  • Elizabeth

    stupid decision on the part of the producer. Jason essentially kick-started the show with his injury and Smash was absolutely amazing last season (especially his last scene in the locker room). I can understand why Gaius Charles is no longer a regular, I suppose, as he is going off to college, but the last episode was left at a critical moment for Jason. How can he not be part of the show? Here’s an idea: how about they get rid of Julie? She was very annoying. Or Lyla. I don’t care. They can both go as far as I’m concerned.