The TV Addict Podcast: Ari’s Boobs [S02E09]

In case you’re new to the TV Addict Podcast. You should probably know that it’s the TV equivalent of SEINFELD. Not so much in level of humor or creative genius. Rather because host Daniel [theTVaddict] and sidekick Ari quite literally talk about nothing. Although between hypothetical relationship advice and talk about Ari’s boobs we do manage to get in a little TV chatter. Listen in to the podcast by pressing ‘play’ below or by heading on over to iTunes.

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  • Susan

    Great podcast! Im loving you guys so much, ive been listening from the 1st episode. And to comment on that GREEK scenario…i dont know any girl, including myself, who wouldnt be pissed off by that situation…atleast initially. Esp, since its not like he gave away his last dollars to pay of that guy, it was just cash he essentially had laying around, that takes the least amount of effort, esp when he was the one that screwed up to begin with. Essentially if he wanted her back, he we would need to show how much he cared about her, not sabatoge her.

  • Sweet, I got a shout-out! First, I pray you keep up the TVAddict Theater segment. Each week you can pose a hypothetical scenario between the two of you mimicking a TV storyline, and half the fun for listeners could be seeing how long it takes to figure out what show you’re talking about. Also, I want to start an Ari quote book. Today’s entries include:

    -“Why do I need an extra idiot?” – regarding the fourth Canadian Idol judge

    -“Other people are making up the same crap as me.” – regarding the Friends movie

    And as someone who has met Daniel, are t-shirt sizes different in Canada, because in no way, shape or form would I think he’s a Large.

  • MJ

    Love this podcast, please keep them coming more often! 🙂 thanks

  • MJ

    hi guys, i forgot to mention. you guys should check out “wipeout” and “i survived a japanese game show” both shows are on abc tuesdays from 8-10 and they are hi-larious even though they’re reality they’re pretty funny and dont take themselves too seriously, keep up the good work 😀