The TV Addict Surrenders to MOONLIGHT Fans

Okay seriously MOONLIGHT fans, it’s enough! You win. I’m raising the white flag and conceding. MOONLIGHT isn’t dead and you’ll never give up the fight. Really I get it.

And just to make sure we’re clear. I’ve awarded the first spot in’s Second Annual Pimp Your Favorite Show Contest to MOONLIGHT. Courtesy of designer ‘Anonymous’, I hope everyone enjoys this TV Addict’s personal favorite of the over twenty different MOONLIGHT header designs that were submitted.

And rest assured all you non-MOONLIGHT fans, throughout the week will be highlighting some other great designs that don’t include Mick St. John’s hypnotic blue eyes. I promise.

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  • alyssa

    I just wish someone out there would hear our pleas and realize what an awesome show Moonlight is. If this show was givin the chance it could have been a huge success. But it was cancelled before it had a chance to show it’s true potential.

  • Patty

    Thank You for drawing attention to Moonlight & its fans…. We will never give up the fight for this show.We will never support CBS on anyshow that they deside to put on in place of Moonlight. I have personally tuned completely off of CBS… There lack of judgement when it comes to viewers is dispicable. No Moonlight no CBS!

  • francis

    Dear Common Sense,
    boycotting unfortunately will not help as long as you are not in the Nielsen system. The system is outdated and wrong, and the coveted demographic is not watching network TV anymore, rightfully so. Thank you to TVaddict for the coverage. I love Moonlight and hate to see the characters go without ending their story arc. It was such a dumb decision by CBS, and such a rushed one after everyone including the actors and the media thought it would be surely renewed. I will never understand it.

  • Cathy904

    Thanks , !

    “Blood Ties” finishing on Lifetimes after 2 seasons, HBO premiering “True Blood” in the fall, The “Twilight” book series coming out with a movie in December. And then there is “Moonlight”.

    There is an audience out there for the vampire genre. “Moonlight” has an enthusiastic following looking for a new venue. We’re searching. Is someone listening?

  • Yes I totally agree, we are boycotting Friday nights and
    most other nights. Most of us don’t even watch CBS at
    all, nada zip, no !!!!!!! Believe me, they are gonna feel it
    come this fall. Friday Nights will never be the same!!!!!!

  • moondance7777

    Yes, surrender to the love of Moonlight. We are persistent, although we are not the obnoxious mob some would make us out to be. We just love our show. Speaking for myself, I am SO sad, but I have all 16 episodes downloaded until the DVD comes out, and I will treasure every minute. It would take too long to go into all the reasons I got hooked on this show (not the least of which is Alex’s HAZEL eyes (we forgive you)), and since you’ve heard it all before, I will leave it at that. Thanks again. Long live MickBeth and Moonlight!!!

  • A million thanks for your support.
    To end this wonderful series with so much of its characters stories still to be told was madness. TPTB made a huge mistake. I will continue to hope and fight for more Moonlight. Someone or some network out there must see the potential and the advantages of having over 8.5 million international fans ready and waiting. Come on you lot out there in La La Land wake up and smell the roses, you won’t regret it.

  • Jackie

    Thanks for acknowledging “Moonlight” and its fans. We’re a scrappy bunch…thanks for the nod.

  • Thanks for acknowledging “Moonlight” and its fans. We’re a scrappy bunch! Thanks for the nod.

  • Genelda

    Thanks for the beautiful banner. Moonlight is a show with quality entertainment for a change. The show has captured my heart and I will continue to campaign for it to find a new home and Season 2. I haven’t even bothered to watch television since May 16 because there’s just nothing on that appeals to me. Moonlight had so many different layers to the show and was captivating to me. It will always live on in the hearts of its fans. Now that I have no reason to watch television, I have more time to continue the campaign for a new home for Moonlight and to campaign to change the way the rating system is done. It simply isn’t democratic that lots of us were not counted in the current ratings sytem. As a former television viewer, it is very insulting that the networks don’t value their viewers. Come on networks, give me a reason to turn on the television again and give us Season 2 of Moonlight.

  • Natalie Ellis

    Thanks for surrendering 😉
    You rock!
    I love the banner by the way. It’s awsome.

  • kcferret

    Awww come on, I have a few dozen others in the works!!! 😀 Thanks for the props to us Moonlighters and additional props to the creator of the banner.

  • Allegrita

    Thanks, TV Addict. We’re very friendly, if somewhat single-minded. 🙂 You chose a beautiful banner. We are still fighting to get Moonlight returned as a series, mini-series, movie, TV movie, direct-to-DVD series…whatever! Wish us luck. Will you miss us when we get what we want and stop bugging you? 😉

    Seriously, it still shocks me that I got bowled over so completely by a TV show. Never happened before. I don’t get it! But it’s been, and continues to be, a thrill ride.

  • OverDaMoon

    You got that right, TV Addict. I want Moonlight back so much I can taste it… With any luck, I hope we don’t have to wait too long to hear back from TPTB.

  • Nva_Gvup_Mick

    Thanks for the vote of confidence. With this kind of passionate followers, I think we will see more Moonlight back in another way, shape of form. 8 million is not to scoff at. Having said that, in my next life, I will name myself nva_say_nva.

  • MoonlightShadow

    In response to the post below, who’s CBS?

    ‘nuf said.

    Common Sense Says:

    July 9th, 2008 at 7:54 am

    Dear Moonlight fans,

    Unless you boycott (and really DO IT) the replacement show(s) that CBS tries to force-feed….in this case, “The Ex,”….Moonves, Tassler and Co. will never get your message. They will continue to cancel popular shows on a whim, telling you that “they know better” and that you need to be watching this instead of that. Show CBS that you’ve finally HAD IT, and stop being their puppy dog which laps up any show they shove in front of you.

  • TwilightMoon

    CBS?? What’s that? I haven’t watched that network since the last episode of Moonlight back in May. I even have the parental locks on it, so no one can “accidentally” watch it.

    It’s true. We are not going anywhere. CBS cancelled the most beautiful love story to hit TV in a long time, and we will not give up until we get more. If anything, all the naysayers have done is add fuel to the fire.

    This is definitely one immortal show, and I can’t wait to see the look on Nina Tassler’s face when the “Twilight” movie hits theatres in December. Suddenly, vampires will be the new craze, and who will be laughing then?

    Thank you, tvaddict, for posting that banner!

  • Lily

    Thank you, TV Addict, for the great banner and for honoring Moonlight’s fans, something that CBS in its short-sightedness failed to do.

    I am not a fan of network TV, but I heard about this show Moonlight and decided to check it out. It was love at first sight! I loved the characters and cast. I wanted to hear more about the story. I enjoyed the film noire aspects of the show, the production values, and the writing which kept on getting better and better. I loved the flashbacks into history. There’s a lot to love about this show, something for everyone.

    And I want it back!

  • Gagagirl

    LOL! You hold up the white flag, and we show up in droves. 😉

    Moonlight won my heart! It’s light continues to shine!!!

  • Jean

    I am so FRUSTRATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Caro

    Thank you for going public about our fight to bring Moonlight back to TV. This is such a wonderful show that has everything: action, adventure, romance, comedy, mystery and fantasy. 8 million people CAN NOT BE WRONG! The passion for Moonlight stretches across the continent and the oceans….it’s international in it’s appeal. We want this Giant Thrill Ride to NEVER End!

  • Beth

    Thank you for posting such a positive statement about our BELOVED MOONLIGHT……. We as fans and people directly connected to the show was done wrong by CBS. They said that it was looking good for a second season and told the actors not to plan anything. And then next thing you know we are having to fight for a show loved by millions ALL OVER THE WORLD. And they replace it with a cookie cutter show. All they want on tv is comedies and reality shows. They are NOT listening to what THE PEOPLE want to watch. If they were we wouldn’t be in this shape, fighting for a show that wasn’t promoted like other shows, wasn’t showed the same respect as other shows. And I don’t know about anyone else but I’m VERY SICK AND TIRED of ANY CSI program they come up with. That show has run it’s course and they need to let it RIP and give new shows like MOONLIGHT the opportunity to bring fresh programming to their network instead of trying to turn EVERY SHOW into CSI. And How I Met Your Mother is awful they only kept that show because of Britney Spears. And they cut our beloved MOONLIGHT off when we picked it to WIN a People’s Choice for best new DRAMA. So apparently we WANT TO KEEP IT ON THE AIR. Ms. Tassler had NO INTENTIONS of ever keeping MOONLIGHT. If she had of then she wouldn’t of took it off… Ghost Whisper wasn’t but slightly ahead of MOONLIGHT and MOONLIGHT was in the “Death Slot ” for ratings. Everybody know that Friday Nights at 9pm isn’t good for ANY SHOW. And for a show to pull in 8 million viewers in that slot is VERY GOOD. Ghost Whisperer needs to be taken off it is a show that has NOTHING new about it except the people that she crosses over EVERY WEEK … That’s all she does is sees DEAD people EVERY week. At least on MOONLIGHT it was different situations (cases ) every week. Yes there was vampires but not every week. And Mick didn’t cross people over constantly like Melinda. CBS needs to listen to it’s viewers on what they want to watch. WE WANT OUR MOONLIGHT ! Because we buy the products that pay for their shows. And we also buy the products from the shows themself and when you don’t listen to what the people want then you get people that DON’T watch your channel or has anything to do with you anymore. Because of the way they were treated over the shows they love…. CBS has lost MILLIONS OF VIEWERS because of the way we ALL was done over MOONLIGHT. It was on during the writers strike which was bad for ANY SHOW. We didn’t get an entire season, we have ALL KINDS of questions left unanswered. AND WE WILL DEFINATELY WATCH THE SHOW IF IT IS BROUGHT BACK YOU CAN COUNT ON THAT….

    They need to hand Ms. Tassler her walking papers for NOT listenting to the public (that make or break a show )…… YOU MADE A BAD MISTAKE you cancelled a great show that IS loved by MILLIONS.. MOONLIGHT brought something fresh and NEW to the screen . Something to watch that is TIMELESS it broke from the reality and comedy shows and gave families something to watch together…..

  • Thank you, TVAddict! We’re all allowed momentary lapses in judgement sometimes and I really appreciate your support of the show. Better late than never! 😉 Now if we could just get the network suits over here or to any of the fabulous Moonlight fan sites to see for themselves how much this show means to us and how smart and resourceful we Moonlight fans are!!

  • Eneida

    Thank you so muuuuuuch for the award, we are the hardest working fans ever. We have to keep up our spirits and fight for our beloved Moonlight. I know we will be rewarded for all our efforts! Vampire solidarity! Rah rah rah!

  • Carolyn H

    We Love Moonlight. Best show in a long long time.

  • Thank you for recognizing our passion for this show. It’s really hard fighting this uphill battle. The key to getting our show back is to get it publicity. It always feels like we aren’t being heard by networks and when commenting on Blogs, our responses tend to be overwhelming to make up for it. It feels good to know that our voices are heard by SOMEONE.

  • Thanks so much TVAddict! If you can see that we Moonlight fans aren’t going anywhere, why can’t a network realise this and pickup Moonlight!!

    We’re out in force and we won’t give up.. Moonlight is too important to us! Just watch my latest fan vid to witness the amazing chemistry of MickBeth that has us all begging for more:

    Kel 🙂

  • Also… I’d love to see the rest of the Moonlight banners that were submitted! Any chance of posting them all somewhere for us to see?

    Kel 🙂

  • chris

    Thanks TVAddict for the support. We Moonlight fans are not going anywhere till our show is picked up!

  • Impunity

    Thanks for the surrender TV.Addict! We Moonlight fans take no prisoners when it comes to fighting for the return of our Show and we will give no quarter!
    My TV does not turn to CBS for any reason now.
    The best replacements CBS could come up with to attract more young female viewers are the Ex List(ewww!!) Swingtown(even the advertisers are bailing on this one) and…let me get this right… A reality DOG show?? Good luck with that Nina and Co.

  • Ellie D.

    What a great banner! Thanks for the ML love. Moonlight was a breath of fresh air in the otherwise banal TV landscape and what did CBS do? Canceled it! The fans though are still working to revive the show and the beautiful love story of Mick and Beth.

  • SeleneCoudray

    Thank you for your surrender – now were just waiting for a new home for our Moonlight. We won’t give up until a network yells I give and raises it’s white flag. Not to worry, though they won’t regret it – it’ll be the best thing they could do – wha’s a few extra (8 million) viewers. And once all these other vampire shows are big hits and compliment each other… that network that cancelled Moonlight will say “what were we thinking!”.

  • Jo1027

    Thanks for the surrender and the kicka** banner. Moonlight fans will not surrender until we have our show back.
    Vampire Solidarity!!

  • Ladykate1

    A wise move to surrender TV Addict! We are a generally friendly and determined group. Even if we don’t all fit into “someone’s” desired demographic we will continue to exert pressure to save the show we have become addicted to in one shortened season.

  • Great that you are coming over to our side in showing your support .. and love the banner, thanks. Moonlight was (and will be again when we get season 2) the only show that I looked forward to watching every week, along with most of my family and friends. I, like most fans, have real life work and family commitments but, come what may, I always made time for Moonlight. Moonlight has just about everything I could want in a show: romance, intrigue, action, fabulous actors and a wonderful plot/story line. With the media showing such a lot of interest now in vamp shows, Moonlight, the best of them all, will be back on our screens before you can say “Did you miss me?” and I for one (along with Moonlight’s 8 million other fans) can’t wait.

  • sexyvampohmy

    Thank you TVAddict for the beautiful banner and support for Moonlight fans. We want our beloved show back and will continue to fight for it’s return. Ah yes.. those eyes…now you understand the addiction.

  • bluedahlia3

    You know the saying “If momma’s not happy, nobody is happy”? Well hello CBS… you wanted a larger female audience. I think you received a large, vocal and angry female audience. Another old saying comes to mind “Be careful what you wish for!” Moonlight deserves a season two. It’s a great show and we are intent on everyone knowing it. Many thanks to TV Addict.

  • Kookiegirl

    TVAddict thanks sooo much for a great banner and your heartfelt support. Moonlight fans are NOT going anywhere anytime soon. We’re here to fight till the end and IT IS SO ON!! As you can see, we’re very passionate about our show and want our Mick/Beth and the rest of the gang back. TBTB at CBS along with Nina should be ‘smacked’ with the ‘Sacred A$$ Paddle” for the bone head move of canceling OUR BELOVED MOONLIGHT.