Corporate Synergy At its Finest: Hellboy Meets Chuck

By: The REEL Addict

For once synergy produces something amusing. Just in time for his sequel to hit theatres this Friday, Hellboy has been making appearances all over the place, whether he is doing public service announcements or lending his darling red face to various TV shows. My personal favorite is this one where Hellboy and Chuck (from one of my favorite shows of the past season … CHUCK) sit, play video games, and complain about how all this governmental subterfuge doesn’t mean they get the celebrity they so rightfully deserve. Great idea, even if you know it’s a superficial attempt at cross promotion.

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  • Jordan

    I love these TV spots so much. There’s another one where they’re just playing and Hellboy breaks one of the controllers in half and Chuck is just like …..I DON’T HAVE ANOTHER ONE!!!

    Its so adorable and definitely helps with the hiatus until at least August when the DVDs come out.

  • A-w

    I agree with Jordan, those are really funny!
    I miss Chuck……..