Did CBS Miss The Vampire Bandwagon?

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Here are five words this TV Addict never expected to write: Perez Hilton has a point.

In his recent post titled, ‘Vampires Are In’ the reigning queen of celebrity gossip sights the 3.5 million copies being printed for Stephanie Meyers fourth and final installment of the TWILIGHT series BREAKING DAWN, the upcoming September premiere of Alan Ball’s [SIX FEET UNDER] highly anticipated new HBO series TRUE BLOOD and the TWILIGHT movie set to hit the big screens in December as proof positive that vampires are the new boy wizards.

Leading us to wonder aloud — with interest in Vampires seemingly at an all-time high — could CBS have cancelled MOONLIGHT at a worse time?

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  • Cancelling Moonlight was a huge mistake. On that, many of us can agree. The show was an excellent drama, had well respected executives from the industry, a very talented cast, and great writers.

    What truly boggles the mind is how CBS could toss the show like garbage when they had a solid 8 million or more fans watching week after week. Yes, it was silly to get rid of a vampire show since vamps are all the rage now.

    How do they justify getting rid of a show with solid ratings, and an ever building fan base. Fans stuck with Moonlight through a writers strike, a hiatus, behind the scenes turmoil, and we just kept coming back for every new episode.

    CBS has made a few bad choices lately with new programs it has aired. The list of new shows for fall don’t look much better. I think they are going to hear crickets this fall during primetime, and will be longing for the fans that have moved on to other networks.

    I think the very worst mistake they made of them all was letting Alex O’Loughlin slip away. He makes the other male stars in Hollywood pale in comparison.

    He was the male leading actor that women have been waiting to see on network and in films for a very long time. Talent, charisma, charm, great looks. He is the utltimate actor, and they cancelled his show. How ridiculous was that.

    Name one actor who has so completely mesmerized female fans on CBS on any show they have ever aired. He has an amazing career stretching out in front of him, and CBS blew it big time.

    He has an Official Fan Club now at http://www.officialalexoloughlinfanclub.com , and I am going to be looking forward to hearing about his latest projects. Alex is only becoming more popular with every role he takes, and his fans are very loyal and supportive.

    Yes, we still have fans campaigning to get Moonlight back on the air, but we don’t have any official word from Joel Silver asking for our help. They don’t have any direct info from the Moonlight creative team to guide their actions. They are contacting networks on blind faith hoping something good will come out of all of their efforts.

    If Joel or Alex ever let us know that Moonlight has a shot at coming back in some form, we may get our incredible vamp back in action again.

  • Impunity

    So pity poor Nina ,no viewers,
    Her Swingtown is swimming the sewers,
    Now no ads to air,
    We’re saying,”So there,
    It’s Karma for you,Moonlight screwers!”

  • Greeneyes279

    I think you are absolutely correct! CBS was ahead of the game with Moonlight and they blew their chance when they canceled the show. It is sad to think that CBS couldn’t have had the foresight to recognize the potential they had with Moonlight. CBS wouldn’t listen to the fans and didn’t take into consideration the fact that Moonlight consistently won its time slot. It is a shame as their are no winners here.

    Twilight is going to be huge and Moonlight was CBS’ opportunity to capitalize on Twilight’s success.

    Moonlight fans are not giving up. When you have a show this great with so many smart, dedicated, and persistent fans, it is hard to not recognize it.

  • Impunity

    So pity poor Nina ,no viewers,
    Her Swingtown is swimming the sewers,
    Now no ads to air,
    We’re saying,”So there,
    It’s Karma for you,Moonlight skewers!”

  • moonstruck1

    CBS has made the biggest mistake in canceling a rare gem of a show like Moonlight. Moonlight was a magical, romantic thriller, which attracted 8 million viewers. The storyline offered romance, action, suspense and humor. It was truly an exceptional and rare television show. Of course, who could forget the sexiest cast?! I doubt that I will ever see another show like Moonlight again. CBS did minimal promotion for Moonlight and it certainly didn’t give Moonlight a chance to grow. I am not giving up on the return of Moonlight. It will return in one form or another. Let’s just say Moonlight is on “hiatus” now.

  • moremoonlight

    CBS missed the boat so to speak. I will not watch CBS ever again or buying from their advertisers. I hope they realize what they have done. I will miss moonlight and Alex till the day I die.

  • Moonriver

    Vampires are the new black.

  • Sorry to say it, but CBS.. hind-sight is ALWAYS 20/20 CBS! Or in your case maybe not???

  • Michelle

    I used to be a LOYAL fan of CBS, but NOT any more! Ever since they cancelled Moonlight, I rarely tuned onto CBS! In my opinion, CBS has lost the word integrity. I mean Moonlight had approx. 8 MIL fans watching Moonlight every week. It won it’s time slot for 16 weeks. It won a PEOPLE’s Choice Award. Now that’s got to mean something when the PEOPLE voted for Moonlight. CBS just had their ears closed and didn’t care! SHAME ON YOU CBS! With all this vampire frenzy strarting to rise with movies like Twilight and Dark Shadows and HBO’s True Blood, CBS could have probably made it big with Moonlight. The show was growing viewers for crying out loud!

    If CBS doesn’t start caring what the viewers wants by listening to them, they will start tanking like CW. Especially if they keep STUPID reality shows, game shows, moral-corruptic shows (i.e. Swingtown), and crime shows.

    CBS really screwed up!

  • Katie

    Ditto to what has already been posted. I totally agree that CBS made a huge mistake in canceling Moonlight. I didn’t realize that 8 million wasn’t enough to keep a HUGE hit of show running. Once I learned they canceled Moonlight, one of the few shows I watched on TV, I’ve since not watched CBS.
    Hopefully they’ll see the error of their ways and get it back or maybe one of the other stations will pick it up.

  • skyeeblue

    O yeah CBS screwed up big time. Moonlight was one of the best shows on television in years. Now that vampires have become popular they decided to cancel their piece of the pie. The thing about Moonlight it appealed not only to vampire fans but to romance, scifi, and action fans to.

  • lynnrxgal

    Quite honestly, I was never a vampire fan UNTIL MOONLIGHT! Now I am reading the Twilight series and looking forward to the new vampire movies and series. Johnny Depp?? Too cool! Yes, vampires are the “in” commodity!

    But there will never be another MOONLIGHT! This was such smart TV…intelligent scripts, off the charts cast chemistry, snappy one liners, hip music, and, ohhh, the romance…to die for!

    Alex O’Loughlin, Sophia Myles and Jason Dohring have extremely bright futures in the acting world. Here’s hoping another network will grab Moonlight before it’s too late.

    I, too, am campaigning for more Moonlight and have never, ever been enamored of a show to do so! CBS, missed the boat? I’d say they missed the entire regatta!

  • evah

    Vampires are in ….. & hopefully another network will step in & grab our beloved “MOONLIGHT”

    If CBS could push their big egos aside & admit the seriousness of their error, they could still bring it back as mid-season replacement, especially when EX-List becomes an X on their list.

  • Mark

    I have no idea why The CW didn’t pick up this series, since they have an open hour on Friday nights at 9/8 and DESPERATELY need the viewers. It would have been a perfect pairing with Supernatural.

  • Debbie

    It’s very simple – before Moonlight my TV was just the output device for my DVD player…. then Moonlight was on EVERY Friday an ep was aired as I planned my other activities around seeing the show… now that CBS lost Moonlight my TV is back to being an output device. I will follow Moonlight and bring my supporting dollars with me to wherever Moonlight goes!

  • Did CBS Miss the Boat? Is water wet?
    CBS will soon find themselves Drowning in the well of their stupidity.
    As far as I’m concerned the have lost all credibility with me.
    I have not watched a show on CBS since the last episode of Moonlight aired, and I don’t plan on ever watching anything on this channel again.
    Why would I? Were I to get interested in a show on their network whether it was popular or not, they would just cancel it.
    I mean come on CBS. A Peoples Choice Award Winner…….
    If you aren’t airing shows for the “PEOPLE” to watch and Enjoy, then who the hell are you airing them for?
    We Voted. We were Outspoken. we were over 8 million strong. and might I add STILL GROWING. And still CBS did not care about it’s Viewers.. WELL then CBS.. Your “EX-viewers” care naught about you any Longer…
    I will follow this show WHEN it gets picked up by another network.. I have every confidence. And we will not give up the fight.

  • TwilightMoon

    Heck yeah they missed the bandwagon! I can picture it now: Nina and Les running after a horse-drawn wagon, screaming “PLEASE, come back!! We were wrong! Wait for us!” But it will be too late, and they’ll collapse in the dust.

    Once True Blood and Twilight hit the screens this fall, everyone will be scrambling to climb on the vampire wagon. CBS had a sure thing, but they didn’t have the patience to watch it grow. Crow will definitely be on the menu soon in the CBS cafeteria.

  • vampfanatic

    I really don’t watch too much tv, but I made sure I watched Moonlight every Friday. I also didn’t watch Ghost Whisperer until Moonlight aired then I started watching both. It was great, you went from a ghost story to a vampire story. What more could you ask for! Jackpot. Then it was all taken away. I have never been so passionate about a tv show before Moonlight. Moonlight had it all, drama, action, suspense, humor, and especially good romance. And the cast, well what can I say, Alex, Sofia, Jason and Shannon were the best. Lastly and sadly I can say that I will never again become so passionate about a tv show. Also, I will not watch CBS on Fridays again unless of course they bring Moonlight back. Still hoping for a second season of Moonlight.

  • kookiegirl

    CBS, What the heck where you thinking…maybe that was the problem You were NOT! Cancelling Moonlight was kinda like ‘cutting your nose to spite your face!! This show had everything, a male leading actor women never seem to get enough, great romance, sexiest cast, excellent drama, charm, great writers and of course a huge fanbase that will not give up until another network will pick up MOONLIGHT. Just hope your short-sight decision doesn’t come and bite you in the rear-end and realized you’ve been hit in the face with ‘The Sacred A$$ Paddle for your bone head move…..Karma!! I’m willing to forgive…just bring My Moonlight back!!

  • Cara

    Boy did CBS mis the boat, train and wagon! I also was losing interest in the CBS lineup and 8+years of CSI and its variations were starting to wear thin. Ghost Whisperer was the only reason I stayed tuned to watch Moonlight on the premiere and I was hooked. Now CBS says fans who are still wanting Moonlight are rabid idiots for not moving on to their “Stupid Woman Gots to Have a Man” or immoral “Hippy Swingers”. Somehow, I can’t see any “FanVids” being made for these two shows. As for Flashpoint, well, how long before the female member has affair with with her leader and younger male screws up ? Think it hasn’t been done before and long term viewers can’t see where the plot lines are going from the first episode?
    On the other hand, I was not that interested in the vampire genre before Moonlight. Yes, I watched some of the later Buffy and Angel and at first I thought Moonlight would be the same thing rehashed. No way! Romance, interesting story lines, great chemisrty and acting. Nothing run of the mill about it and need I say, great eye candy?
    I for one was certain that we would have at least two seasons of Moonlight. CBS usually gives it’s Friday 9 PM slot at least that much before ditching it for something else. Now I am just holding out for the DVD that I hear will be out in September and will make sure that Friday nights will be “No To CBS” on my TV.

  • Donna453

    CBS Make a HUGE MISTAKE cancelling Moonlight! Tell me how do you cancel a show that has won its time slot (even with the strike), won the Peoples Choice Awards, has GREAT writers & actors, has 8 million viewers & rising & to top it off the has the Sexiest Lead Actors on TV?
    Hopefully another station will benefit from their mistake. I’m still fighting for the cause.

  • Tiebaojin

    CBS certainly did miss the boat on the vampire craze. Actually the “vampire” genre never went away. It has been a popular subject since Bram Stoker’s original “Dracula”, and has never really gone away. CBS is so stuck in an old mind-set they never could see that. They not only had a hot genre show, they also had one of the best shows on TV in any genre. So what did they do? They threw it away for the same old trash that is on any other venue.

    CBS, wake up. Admit you’ve made a mistake and bring Moonlight back. The fans will come back in droves. Unless you really want to be the network nobody watches, that is.

  • Angela Skjeie

    If CBS would have picked up Moonlight for a second season, as was expected, the ratings for Fall 2008 and beyond would have made it one of the most watched shows on their channel, for sure. The vampire hype this fall would have guaranteed increased viewership. CBS totally blew it, now its time for another, smarter network to see the vast potential this show has and pick it up!!!

  • moonlfan14

    Yes, CBS definitely missed the boat on this! I have boycotted CBS since
    they made the stupid, shortsighted decision to cancel Moonlight. I was
    watching Ghost Whisperer and Numbers only because Moonlight was
    sandwiched between them. I love David Letterman, but no longer can
    stomach turning CBS on even for him. Moonlight won the People’s Choice Award for Best New Drama with 10 million votes! The ratings held steady even after the writer’s strike, no repeats airing, and not much advertising/promotion by CBS. Some people say vampire stories are sick-you know, to me what’s sick is all the CSI’s and Criminal Minds. I would much rather watch a vampire trying to do good and romance a human that watch some torture scene on Criminal Minds and dead bodies of every stage of decomposition on all the CSI’s.
    So, I am happy that vampires are making a comeback, via books, movies, and HBO’S Tru Blood. I will get HBO by Sept. just so I can see Tru Blood. So there. That’s me putting my MONEY where my mouth is! Too bad for CBS because they were ahead of everybody else-had the only vampire show on the air-and they blew it!

  • Amanda Whately

    CBS=Dumb@$$ in terms of intelligence for canceling Moonlight. This was one of the rare shows that I actually did arrange my schedule around. If an event was unavoidable and I knew that I was going to miss watching the episode, I made sure that there was a tape ready to tape every delicious moment of the show. CBS, you are a bunch of stubborn-as-bulls, high-horse, penny-pinching, hard@$$es, that couldn’t see a hit right in front of your faces even if it came up and bit you. You’ll be feeling the sting of those of us who watched this intriguing show when the ever-present sweeps weeks come around, and you network will be left in the dust like the tumbleweeds that roll around through the desert sands and are subject to the winds of the desert’s fury. CBS is going down like the Titanic, in terms of networks. It will join the rest of the world’s failures if it doesn’t wise up and try and either get Moonlight back on, or let another network pick it up. CBS will join such failures as the Titanic, the Hindenburg, and all other things through out history that went bust, because there was no proper planning or publicization of the show. I didn’t even know about it until my Uncle, from Ohio, told me about it. Got hooked on that show and am still pissed that CBS fell of the bandwagon with canceling it. Their network has fallen so far down that, figuratively speaking, it’s lower than the Marianis Trench (the deepest trench in the farthest reaches of the ocean, for those that don’t watch nature shows.).

  • Shana

    Moonlight was a great show! CBS is known for being a network for old ladies anyways, so it makes sense they would cancel a show with a younger viewing audience. This is the reason why I don’t watch CBS. They are never on the mark with a younger people. And maybe if it wasn’t on FRIDAY night at 9pm it would have had better ratings. I personally had to watch it online because I was never home to catch the original airing. CBS is lame.

  • moondance7777

    I am an old lady (although I like to think not a typical one), and I loved Moonlight! Mick St John has set the bar very high for past and future vampires. What a guy! What was CBS thinking? I never watched CBS to begin with, so now I have no reason to watch…I mean really, Horatio Cane??? I predict none of the new vamps will hold a candle to our Mick, and that includes Mr Cullen!

  • Habiba

    one heck yeah would be enough. wouldn’t you agree?

  • Moonlightsonata

    CBS made a major mistake in cancelling Moonlight a show unlike anything else on TV in a very long time. The show had everything – I don’t need to repeat what everyone else has said. What I don’t get right now is why aren’t all the other networks, cable channels, etc. not realizing that CBS let a true gem get away and trying to grab it for themselves? CBS made a mistake, but now that vamps are truly in, the others are just as foolish. Wise up people! You won’t get a fan base as devoted and interested in doing good deeds and rewarding Moonlight’s advertisers as we are.

  • Guess I will not watch on Friday nights. I was looking forward to Moonlight. Big mistake !!