I’m going to pretend that the only reason this TV Addict and his adorable sidekick ‘Mac’ weren’t called upon to guest star on CBS’ THE GREATEST AMERICAN DOG, premiering tonight on both CBS and E! in Canada, is because we’re Canadian.

And in case you’re wondering, yes, this post is simply an excuse to shamelessly show off the adorableness that is Mac.

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  • Rae

    He is pretty darn cute. Love the 4th picture… he’s doing the tongue sorta sticking out thing that I love on animals.

  • Rae,

    Mac is a ‘she’, and luckily, she can’t read [yet] so she won’t be offended by the fact you couldn’t tell from her cuteness that she’s a girl!

  • Josh Emerson

    Mac is such a boys name! But she’s a really cute dog anyway. Can I have her? Thanks.

  • shanna

    She is super cute. This makes em wonder about Ari.

  • Klo

    Your shameless plug for Mac reminded me of this.

  • Aw, cute dog. So that’s who’s been sniffing Ari’s crotch during the podcasts.

  • Rae

    I suspect Mac would understand that her Daddy never identified her gender! Actually I originally wrote my comment without any gender specific pronouns but then I thought I remembered you using ‘he’ once in a convo… apparently my memory sucks. Or maybe you were talking about a dog you were only watching for the weekend? I dunno. Either way, I apologize to Mac! She is a cutey.

  • Rae: Mac accepts your apology.

    Kio: Hilarious link.

    John K: Yes, that, and by ‘that’, you mean the adorableness that is Mac is what Ari finds so annoying. Shocking I know.

  • She’s super cute. Is she a Golden Doodle? My parent’s have one, and she’s just the smartest, funniest dog. I love them.

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