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By: Kevin Kelly, Special TCA Correspondent

Men dressed to the nines, mid-day drinks at the office, not to mention flirty secretaries like Joan Holloway. Oh how we’ve missed the wood-paneled, smoke filled halls of Sterling Cooper Advertising.

Which is why we are so thankful to take part in yesterday’s Television Critics Association (TCA) Press tour. Where MAD MEN mastermind Matthew Weiner along with cast members Jon Hamm, John Slattery, January Jones, Elisabeth Moss and Christina Hendricks were more than happy to get us ready for the upcoming second season premiere of the show, airing on AMC on July 27.

So fair warning readers. Unless you wish to know some of the upcoming second season plot twists, you’d better avert your eyes, do not pass go, do not collect two hundred dollars and head directly to iTunes, Netflix or Amazon to check out the phenomenal first season for yourself. Rest assured, you won’t be disappointed.

[TV Addict Note: Canadian subscribers to Rogers Digital Cable can watch the entire season On Demand, and in HD on Rogers Channel 300]

So why exactly did the show decide to pull a ONE TREE HILL and jump ahead a year for the upcoming second season? “Well, I thought I could just continue from the end of the first season. But then it crossed my mind, why don’t we just jump ahead?” elaborated creator Matthew Weiner, “I can start the story fresh, and at the same time there will be all these events that happened in between that will provide the show with additional storytelling energy.” 

Jon Hamm, who plays the dapper Don Draper on the show said he was proud to be on a quality television show that’s been critically acclaimed, while being sure to make clear that “I’m not trying to shit on DANCING WITH THE STARS… I’ll be on DANCING WITH THE STARS next.”

John, when MAD MEN ends its rumored five year run, we’ll be holding you to that.

John Slattery, who plays Roger “Always With a Drink In My Hand” Sterling was impressed with how good the scripts keep getting. “We are all texting each other going ‘Do you believe that? Did you see that coming?’”

Who knew television stars geek out with text messaging. One wonders if John would be cool if we add him as a friend on Facebook.

Not surprisingly, all the panelists were frustratingly tight-lipped when it came to future story-lines. But luckily, one possible bombshell for the upcoming season emerged when Elisebeth Moss who plays eager secretary Peggy Olson answered a succinct “Yes” when asked if she was happy to not be wearing prosthetics again. Although Matthew Weiner quickly chimed in with “For the first few episodes….”

Could there possibly be another bun in the oven for Peggy? 

Which brings us to the lovely ladies of MAD MEN. Elizabeth Moss, January Jones, and Christina Hendricks were all asked if the 60s style on the show has influenced the way they dress. Christina summed it up by explaining, “We like to dress vintage anyway, and now we feel like oh… people are going to think I’m in costume. Now I can’t wear some of the things that I love.” 

Coming from the world of THE SOPRANOS, Weiner was asked if he’s spoken with David Chase since the show’s successful first season. “Yeah, I’ve talked to David quite a bit, actually. It was obviously a private moment, but he was very, very positive about the show, and it meant a lot to me.”

Private conversation? Mabye Chase finally explained that final scene of THE SOPRANOS series ender. Now there’s something that is still driving us, well mad.

— Edited By: The TV Addict

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