Has Officially Arrived…

tca 2008

… At the 2008 Television Critics Association. Yup, much to Ray Richmond’s dismay,’s very own TCA correspondent Kevin Kelly will be providing readers with up-to-the-minute coverage, news and interviews over the course of the next two weeks. So be sure to check back regularly for all the news that fits to print. And perhaps even a few things that aren’t! Like this…

Spotted: What’s the first clue that MAD MEN actresses January Jones and Elisabeth Moss might be taking their roles on the critically acclaimed show a tiny bit too seriously? Because the moment yesterday’s MAD MEN panel ended, both Jones and Moss were seen darting off to the Beverly Hilton Courtyard for a quick smoke.

Which naturally begs this question. Would ex-First Lady and retired Doctor Abbey Bartlet be more upset to discover that her daughter Zoey was caught smoking? Or knocked up by a scum-bag like Pete Campbell?

[Kevin Kelly note: Thankfully, Christina Hendricks, who will always be Saffron from FIREFLY, didn’t join them!]

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