Must See [Ausiello] TV

While some might call an Oscar Nomination for Best Short Film a bit of a stretch, I defy any of my fellow TV Addicts to not swoon over the celebrity-laden season premiere of Michael Ausiello’s AUSIELLO TV.

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  • SimplyKimberly

    Michael Urie just rocked as the emcee. I was dying! What part of no reality tv don’t you understand? hee hee hee

    And yeah, MA @ EW has stepped up the scoop videos to a whole new level.

  • Scott

    I guess Ausiello, and TVGuide aren’t on bad terms, seeing as my new TV Guide Hero, Matt Mitovich was in there.

  • WOW! ‘EMILY GILMORE’ was there *cries*

  • scsc


    ausielo and the tv addict are very very similiar…hmmm. long lost twins?

  • At the risk of pissing off Ausiello fans (including probably theTVaddict himself) and exposing my unfamiliarity with the guy… based on this video he seems to have gone a little past the “hey, how cool is my job” phase to the “Hey, my job is awesome, and I’m better than you. Eat it suckers!” phase. Okay, maybe that’s a bit harsh, but I really felt this video made him seem incredibly self-indulgent, self-aggrandizing, self-justifying and self-serving.

    Then again, maybe I’m just jealous that he’s enough of an “in” guy that he can get those kind of actors to cameo in his little video.

  • Also, um, not nearly as funny as everyone involved with it think it is (especially Ausiello) …. well, okay, Urie was kind of fun.

  • theREELaddict.

    While there’s definitely an obnoxious “king of the world streak” to most of Ausiello’s work, he backed it up with some fantastic special guest stars.
    Which begs the question, how on earth is episode two going to live up to the star-studded season premiere?

  • Nick

    Great stuff. Although I don’t know know who Michael Urie is, he was quite funny. Mitovich being there rocks. And Kelly Bishop….what can I say? Will some intelligent producer please get this great actress on your show?? Are the Hollywood execs so blatantly blind and stupid that they don’t realize how big a following Kelly has from Gilmore Girls? Lauren was great, of course, but GG rose to a whole new level every time Kelly Bishop was on-screen.

    Hello, CW?? Looking for buzz? Higher ratings? I think you can find a role for this WB legend on one of your four fall soaps, can’t ya?? Or are you still clinging to that notion that anyone over 15 is too old? Wake up and smell the freakin coffee.