Advertising Anarchy: FRINGE

fringe ad

With a little over a month and a half to go until the launch of the new fall TV season, this TV Addict thought he’d lend a hand to those proverbial powers that be by offering up a few possible marketing slogans for some of our favorite new and returning shows. Today’s victim, FRINGE. Catchy No?

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  • ewanspotter


  • SimplyKimberly

    I love it!

    FOX has the best new shows this coming season and the worst track record in keeping them.

  • TVFan

    I’ve been burned so many times by FOX. Not sure if I’m ready to believe again!

  • John

    Shouldn’t that read, “…BEFORE thirteen episodes”?

  • blueberry

    John, you beat me to the punch.

    I second that “…BEFORE thirteen episodes.”

  • John, as the French like to say — Touché

  • David D

    LOL! Either way, after EVERYTHING Fox has done….I must only tread so deeply! I can’t handle another Reunion, Tru Calling, Fastlane…..I want to say because it’s J.J. it will last at least half a season….but I am too wise for Fox to pull that one on me!

    HaHa I say HA, Fox! Stupid greedy executives sink ships! (or at least cancel television shows!)

  • Nick

    JJ needs to bring his product to a network that will appreciate them. The WB launched his career with Felicity, and I’ll bet The CW would give his series room to grow. FOX has proven time and again that they’ll cancel a show at the drop of a bucket, no matter if it’s a continuing serial (like Reunion) or a great show like Tru Calling. FOX has burned Joss Whedon, and JJ is probably next. Isn’t it time to stop doing business with that network?

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  • sean silver

    this is on sky1 at the moment in the UK and its so AWESOME I would buy the DVD seasons.

  • Anonymous

    now this looks kinda goofy