Uncovering the Secrets of MAD MEN

If a picture is worth a thousand words and no detail is too small for MAD MEN mastermind Matthew Weiner, then what pray-tell is this latest promotional photo [see above] for MAD MEN’s second season trying to tell us?

Well, this TV Addict has come up with a few possible theories. Not quite 1000 words mind you, but feel free to help ‘up’ the word count by adding your own thoughts in the comments below.

1. Notice anything eerily familiar with how Pete Campbell’s hands are positioned? The way they’re clenched in that classic sinister manner. You know, kinda reminiscent of this guy. Probably not a good sign for anyone standing in Mr. Campbell’s way as he endeavors to climb the Sterling/Cooper corporate ladder.

2. As the saying goes, behind every great man is a powerful woman pulling the strings. Which is why we’re willing to bet that Joan Holloway [Christina Hendricks[ standing on equal footing with Roger Sterling [John Slattery] is no coincidence.

3. Which brings us to the man on fifty-percent of the masthead. Roger Sterling is standing front and center, which is a good indication that he’ll be playing a far more prominent role at the office this season. Well, that and the fact that Slattery’s DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES character is no longer with us [moment of silence].

4. Last season, Peggy Olsen took her first step to becoming a bona-fide career woman. Which is most likely why she’s quite literally standing on the first step! Of course, how things pan out for her this season will probably have a lot to do with the gentleman she has the unfortunate pleasure of sharing that step with. Cue ominous music.

5. Traditionally, promotional photos for your favorite shows follow a similar pattern. Star goes in the middle (See: LOST, GREY’S ANATOMY, SCRUBS) Which is why it is awfully curious that series star John Hamm is standing at the low end of the totem poll. Will season two be Don Draper’s fall from grace? And more importantly, what exactly does evil Pete Campbell have in store for everyone’s favorite ad man?

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  • allie

    Interesting analysis. Can’t wait to see what happens this season and then reflect back on this analysis.