Exclusive: Wentworth Miller and Sarah Wayne Callies Talk PRISON BREAK Season Four

By: Kevin Kelly, Special TCA Correspondent

FOX kicked off the start of the network side of the Television Critics Association Press Tour [TCAs] with a — wait for it — PRISON BREAKfast. Your chance to share hash-browns and bacon with the stars of the show’s fourth season: Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell, and the shocking return of Sarah Wayne Callies, complete with her head still attached. There was an entire breakfast buffet laid out, complete with iced down buckets of Yoo-Hoo, and prison-orange tablecloths, but everything quickly devolved into the “corral the actors with your microphones” game. And luckily, we were able to nail down Wentworth Miller and Sarah Wayne Callies for some questions and a scant few secrets about what to expect for the show that will this season feature PRISON BREAK ins instead of outs.

Simply click play for the interview featuring Miller and Callies and be sure to check back later in the week for words with Dominic Purcell.

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  • Diana

    This show is stupid. Sara was dead–they cut her head off, for fuck’s sake! Now they are bringing her back? DUMB! And totally unbelievable. They should cancel this show.

  • Wow can’t wait to see season 4!! Sounds absolutely fantastic!!! Went & Sarah are true stars!!

  • Lincolnsgirl

    I think that even though it may seem unbelievable that Sara was dead and now they are bringing her back. No one actually saw anyone cut off Sara’s actual head. And the head in the box , I’m sure Lincoln didn’t pick it up and examine it. If it looked like Sara then Lincoln thought it was truly Sara. But this is TV and it is a fantasy world and anything can happen. I am so glad Sara is back!

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  • Nick

    No one actually saw anyone cut off Saraโ€™s actual head.

    LJ commented to Linc that he watched them cut off Sara’s head.

    It’s going to take some serious writing skills to explain that away.

  • Steve

    watched the episode again you are referring too nick and LJ says something along the lines of: “that woman is a crazy bitch, she cut sarah’s head off i closed my eyes but i heard it”

    i agree they are gonna need decent writing skills but im sure they will pull it off

  • Diana

    Sarah is back!!! I love her. Thank you so much for this.

  • David

    LJ actually said he closed his eyes when they cut off Sara’s head and only “heard” it happen. He didn’t see it, and I’m sure that’s easy to explain away.

  • sophie

    LJ never said he saw, and as for the head, linc isnt likely to examine it, and when gretchen also implied that she killed sara, he really is gna beleive it, im jus so happy that MiSa can continue

  • shari

    I don’t know how I feel about Sara coming back. I enjoyed S3 alot more without her. She’s so boring.
    Well hope they don’t bring her back too soon in the season. I’m looking forward to Michael exploring his DARK Side without Sara, when he goes after Gretchen. heehee.
    He’s sooo freaking sexy. I’m sure Wentworth in real life is too, but Scofield….Wow, turns me the hell on. And going to see that he has a bad side…love that voice of his too.

  • TY && MiiCHAEL (my bf)

    TY: I love this shows, especially MiSa, and OMG i can’t wait either for them to play “guitar hero” lol…xx

    MiiCHAEL: i don’t see what you girls see in the show (no offence) but a guy in tat’s breaking in and out of prison, my girl makes me watch this for loong, lol, but she’s so worth it :p makes her horny :p

    TY && MiiCHAEL

  • TY && MiiCHAEL (my bf)

    I agree, because LJ did not see Sara get beheaded, and i guess if we did see that then fiar enough it would be stupid to bring her back (although im a Misa Fan i have sense) btu because we didn’t people need to use their common sense, and think about it as a scheming plan to get michael and lincoln to do something again for them, and know that they have more peopel helping them the story line would be put together well, and will make wayyyy more sense, as to how everything in S3 wasm put together, and what REALLY happened to sara, as they say that she was harmed, but not that much.

    TY&& Miichael
    I think that the show would be a bumpy ride and give you anxiety attacks very often.

  • Amanda

    uuhh i freaking lovee thisss show and im soo happy that they brought sara back when i thought she was dead i was like uhh what the hell cause i was looking forward to seeing more of micheal and sara 3 kisses arnt enought i have a feeling were gonna see lotz of kisses from them too thiss season and i cant wait 28 more days ya’ll its coming around (MiSa FOREVER)

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  • Fsquared

    I cant wait to c S4 hope we in Africa(Nigeria) get to join in d S4 FRENZY! Can’t wait

  • Ngozi

    I’m so glad that Sara is back for real in s4. i love her so much and looking forward to seeing her and Michael having much fun in s4.
    I like Wentworth but am in love with Scofield………. you are the best Scofield….. I love you

  • Chris

    Diana remember when Burrows went to the morgue and saw a woman who look like Sarah…

  • Di

    I have to say I was disappointed and angry when they killed Sarah in season 3 just like all the rest of the fans, “what, Sara’s dead?….no…..can’t happen, Michael will never recover.” However, I think it was necessary and I still think it is necessary for Sara to be dead. The show in season 4 is really awkward with Sara around because the way they brought her back was not really believeable and quite forceful. It didn’t work for me. In life, stuff happens and you deal with them and grow as a result. You can’t control situations. Sara had to pay for Michael’s escapades. Now I realize that this is a show and not talking about a real life story but the show started as a believable strong story and the character of Michael Scofield had to lose Sara for him to grow. Now, I can’t see where it’s going and the scenes with Sara in season 4 so far are out of place and there is a lack of story and chemistry between the actors ( Went and Sara) and I think it’s a lack of material to work with. I just can’t think how Sara and Michael will get back the chemistry they had in season 1.

  • Di

    Personally, I was disappointed when Victoria (Robin Tunney) was killed off more so than Sara. I would have liked to see where that character could have gone. She had an impact on the show and great presence in season 1 as Linc’s ex-girlfriend. Sara was a good character and the scenes with her as the Doctor in the prison and Michael saving her etc in season 1 and her help with the escape were integral parts that completed the show but they had scenes of when Sara goes to Panama to tell them about Linc being exonerated, that was pretty forced. I am afraid it’s too late for happy endings and trying to include that will inevitably cause fans to lose interest in the show eventually. There’s no reason why it can’t last if there are stories to tell but good story writing is like a game of chess and you may lose unexpectedly if the wrong move is made. I have seen the first 3 episodes of season 4 and I must say it’s going downhill if they keep with that storyline. Something needs to happen besides random chase scenes and “are we or aren’t we going to jail?” questions hanging in the air for the characters as well as the random forced affectionate scenes that are few between Sara and Michael just don’t work. I had to force myself to keep wataching. Additionally, not sure if Michael Rappaport makes a good actor on Prison break. I like him as an actor and at first when I heard he will be acting in season 4 Prison Break I thought it could bring a nice mix of irony and humor but it’s odd so far. He is comedy and with him on the show, it makes the characters look less believable and the scenes seem light hearted. What I enjoyed most about the show was the reality and believability of it and I agree with Went that his character is better in jail. I must say, the best thing about the show in season 1,2 and 3 was the fact that it’s not glamorized at all and Wentworth’s performance is compelling. I can’t help but watch him. His acting on the show is haunting. He has amazing screen presence and 80% of the show’s success is down to how he plays Michael. So well done to him!!! Most people keep talking about how handsome he is but it takes a lot more than good looks to give a performance like that. Also, I can’t think of any girl who wouldn’t fall in love with a man like Miichael. There are no men like that. He is one of a kind like a super hero. I would liken the character to SuperMan. We love that! Add to that, I can’t think of a guy who wouldn’t respect a man like Michael. Great Character writing like coupled with Wentworth’s depth, sincerity and brooding personality and intelligence coud only spell SUCCESS!!!

  • tila

    i love prison break i hope they keep doin more seasonz<3 i lov michael nd sara they r so cute 2gether<3

  • jazrinegabrielle

    i’m sooOOO glad that sara is back!
    there’s something between their chemistry that makes us people crazy!!

  • Alexx

    We all agree with the fact that Sara’s “ressurection” is a bit strange but she and Michael look soo good together!!!!!!!!!! I actually stopped watching season 3 because she was dead,it just didn’t make sense.But now that she is back I’m going to start watching it again, and i can’t wait to see season 4!!

  • Gizelle

    i cant wait to complete season four. this movie is very interesting especially the sara and micheal aspect of the show. this two people make me wanna watec this over and over again without getting tired.

  • alex v

    i love prison break and i want to know when are there going to be the new episodes (episode 23 and episode 24)

  • nesh

    I agree with Alexx, sara and michael make PB for me, i’m glad she’s back. she hot ๐Ÿ™‚ hehe. cant wait for the latest!!! i also lost interest but am glued to the screen again… ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Wow Il like Michael Scofield,he is a smart dude.He sees a small chance and makes an opportunity out of it and that to me is very very thrilling.I also enjoy them with Sarah Callies they truly rock my World.I would have loved Sarah to get married to Scofield they have this lovely chemistry btwn them.

  • kulzz

    oh god!! now the brought sara and killed michael. please bring him back

  • Samuel adekunle

    Am so glad watching prison break is nice film realy love micheal. Sara, farnando, an alex this people are great, sara is a special woman every day i like looking at are picture. I believe one am going to see this group of people. They are to much.

  • Meeeeee

    I totally loved prison break!
    Sara and Michael were the ultimate couple!
    I can’t believe it’s really over, even though I saw the final episode about half a year ago…

  • Kelly

    SWC is a loud mouthed and irritating! Her “jokes” are lame and stupid!! And she is trying too hard to sound smart, but the weird way in which she ends all her sentences on a higher tone, as if it’s a question shows how dumb she really is! HATE HER!

  • peyvand

    we all know sara is so cute and attractive..what’s wrong wiyh u guys who are angry with sara’s back.

  • Chocolaty Mia

    Wow ….Sara and Michael, they are my superstars and i love them. without sara there is not michael and without michael michael there is not sara.