First Look: NBC’s KATH AND KIM

The fine folks over NBC just sent along an email containing a first look at their new Thursday night comedy KATH AND KIM. Of course the big question mark is whether or not the Aussie import will follow in THE OFFICE’s “Comedy Night Done Right” footsteps? Or be the next COUPLING? Stay tuned…

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  • Josh Emerson

    I’ve been seeing the commercials on NBC for a few weeks. I can’t wait to see this show! It looks hilarious. Sort’ve an odd fit to follow The Office, but I hope it’s as good as it looks.

  • Linda B.

    What doesn’t make sense to me is that Molly Shannon doesn’t look old enough to be Selma Blair’s mother. This was the first thing I thought of when i saw the previews. There’s only 8 years difference between them. I guess we’re just supposed to suspend disbelief.

  • Stef

    Looks good… crossing my fingers!

  • At this point I don’t know what to think about Kath and Kim. I think the show could be funny but I could also see it being pretty bad. I guess I will just have to wait and see how the show eventually turns out.

  • CC

    Love the actresses.. but I don’t find stupid blatant humor funny so oh well.

  • tim wilkins

    um, it was okay. wasn’t loud out loud funny for me. maybe not my cup of style. i like molly so i’ll check it out and see. maybe it’ll get better. lol

  • J

    I’m in Australia – where Kath and Kim was born and set originally – and I’m not sure how the show will translate, to be honest. The Aussie version’s got this weird bogan (bogan, you say? which is part of my point, I guess) humour, and I don’t know if there’s an equivalent sort of funny in the States… Still, if it’s altered into US-ish humour, it should do really well.

    Btw, massive fan of all TV American, here, if anything I’m down on Australian TV – it really doesn’t compare. Except maybe Underbelly. Maybe.

  • Love the cast but… this looks painful. Maybe it’ll play well with humor of The Office.