Exclusive: Joss Whedon Talks DOLLHOUSE and his Love Affair with BATTLESTAR GALACTICA

2008 FOX SUMMER TCA: (On Left) DOLLHOUSE creator Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon has a plan.

One far more sinister than single-handedly shutting down the internet with his smash hit DR. HORRIBLE’S SING ALONG BLOG

One that may-or-may-not involve pillaging the now unemployed cast of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA for his new show DOLLHOUSE.

But getting to the point, why not hear from the man himself. As theTVaddict.com’s TCA correspondent Kevin Kelly was luckily enough to spend a few minutes interviewing Joss Whedon at Monday night’s FOX SUMMER TCA Party.

TheTVaddict.com: So how different is it working with the new regime at FOX, in contrast to what happened with FIREFLY?
Joss Whedon:
It’s a completely different energy then the last time. FOX understands what it is we’re trying to do. I understand clearly what they want. And while there’s definitely a back and forth, there’s a collaboration. Not just people glaring at each-other.

I feel really good about how they plan to position it, and their feeling about it as a concept and as a show.

Do you think the positive feeling are as a result of Kevin Reilly changing things up at the network?
Peter [Liguori] and Kevin [Reilly] both come from a different school than the last bunch. Everyone has someone to answer to. But they don’t behave like people living in fear and I think that’s the biggest disease among network executives.

I notice prior to stopping to chat you were talking to Nicki Clyne [Callie on BATTLESTAR GALACTICA]. Any news you want to break to your millions of fans reading this online right now?
I talked to Nicki because we’ve become friends. But that’s the funny thing about actresses. You never don’t think about that.

It must have been hard to be blown out of an airlock.
I want that Cylon B*tch to get her comeuppance!

You’re clearly a huge fan of BSG [BATTLESTAR GALACTICA]. Have you talked to the creators?
Yeah, Ron [Ronald D. Moore] and I during the writer’s strike spent some time together on the picket lines. I try not to be too embarrassing though.

Must be a nice pat on the back for them to know what a fan you are of the show?
Well I’m not the only one, but yeah I’m pretty passionate about the show. I stole Tahmoh [Penikett] and I’ll steal again!

Now that they’re finished shooting you can go and grab the rest of the cast!