Good News, Bad News: Katie Holmes, Amy Poehler, THE SHIELD and Hayden Panettiere

Good News: ELI STONE should get a much needed ratings boost when it returns to TV this fall. Bad News: Courtesy of Mrs. Tom Cruise Katie Holmes. Or as I like to call her, the artist formerly known as Joey Potter. Who is said to be reuniting with DAWSON’S CREEK executive producer and ELI STONE co-creator Greg Berlanti for a one-off guest appearance this fall. Or as this TV Addict is now calling it: “A Britney” [Source]

Good News: The hilarious and radiant Amy Poehler is rumoured to be in top-secret negotiations to head up the highly anticipated and incredibly secretive spin-off of THE OFFICE. Bad News: Which means, if it’s possible, SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE just became even less funny. [Source]

Good News: At yesterday’s Television Critics Association Press Tour, THE SHIELD creative team and cast promise a more satisfying ending than THE SOPRANOS. Bad News: THE SHIELD is ending. [Source]

Good News: Hayden Panettiere returns to the small screen. Bad News: With a music video. [Source]

  • scsc

    surprised that Fringe’s decision to shift filming in Toronto to NYC didn’t make this post.

    Good News: The beloved cow in the pilot gets to stay in Ontario and not catch mad cow disease. Bad News: more unemployed workers in Toronto’s film industry.

  • scsc,

    While definitely sad news as a proud Torontonian, I didn’t include FRINGE’s move to New York simply because I thought it was ‘old’ news.

    Believe me, I was definitely looking forward to FRINGE shooting in Toronto. Talk about the ideal opportunity to accidently bump into J.J. Abrams.

  • paketep

    God, I can’t wait for The Shield. This wait till ¿september? is a bitch!

  • TVFan

    Since I’m a huge fan of both Amy Poehler and Joey Potter, there’s no bad news here.

  • Josh Emerson

    Amy Poehler starring in The Office spinoff would be incredible. It’d be a huge loss for SNL, but a good move for Amy. SNL is hit and miss these days, leaning towards miss.

    Hayden’s song sounds awful.

  • nick

    scsc,why is it that you canucks(thats the term,right?)always Hate on the USA?I try not to let the arrogance influence the way i feel about your country.
    After all you gave us Cobie Smulders(How i met your mother)one of the funniest,hottest ladies on the planet.
    As for Katie Holmes on Eli Stone, it sounds alright to me for one EP.
    Also i don’t get the love fest for Amy Poehler but i will still check it out…

  • Na

    Since when did an actress guest staring on a show become the same as a pop star guest staring on a show? Katie Holmes may be more famous now for being married to Tom Cruise, but you’d think her 6 seasons of Dawsons Creek would qualify her as being an actress.