A Sneak Peak at GOSSIP GIRL Season Two

Because it’s never too early to start the hype, theTVaddict.com is thrilled to present a first look at the new season of GOSSIP GIRL. And as if that weren’t enough. Our friendly neighborhood CW mole reveals that, “I’ve read the first two scripts and they are packed full of scandal and fun.” Adding, “Bad Blair really the best Blair.” We couldn’t agree more. Which begs the question. How many days until the show’s September 1st premiere?

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  • I’m so excited for GG. Plus, it’s like things are back to normal. The past few years seasons wouldn’t start til late Sept/Oct now things are starting early like they’re supposed to.

  • tim wilkins

    Loved the Bananarama Song “Cruel Summer” in the background. Looks good and makes me wanna watch. Let the countdown begin. . .

  • keira

    i dont know if i can wait till september! im so excited!

  • J

    Too many days… Bring on season two!

  • Merry