The Good, The Bad & The Emmy

First thing this morning, the nominations for the Primetime Emmy Awards were announced and we here at knew that your one and only thought – or at least your second one, after, “Who will win for Outstanding Clip-Package Editing” – was “what do the TV Addict and Couch Tater think of the nominees?” And because we’re all about giving you what you want, here’s your chance to be a fly on the wall and listen in on our conversation!

CT: My God, they give away some dumb-ass awards. Outstanding Editing of a Clip Package?

The TV Addict: Um, okay, let’s focus on the big categories, shall we?

CT: Well, then let me just say that I’m thrilled with the Outstanding Supporting Actress category. I love every single one of those women. It’s like a death-match of epic proportions. They might have to settle this one with a mud-wrestling match!

The TV Addict: But come on… Holland Taylor (Evelyn, TWO AND A HALF MEN)… again? Seriously?

CT: Hey, great actress, crappy show.

The TV Addict: Crappy show with, what, four or five major nominations? That’s just wrong.

CT: True dat.

The TV Addict: But I will say that for the most part, voters got it right…

CT: Even though they basically snubbed…

The TV Addict: … except for the lack of BATTLESTAR nominations.

CT: There it is. Knew that was coming.

The TV Addict: Look at the Outstanding Lead Actress category. I mean, nothing against the nominees – Sally Field, Glenn Close, Mariska Hargitay, Holly Hunter and Kyra Sedgwick – but they’re all kinda “been there, rewarded that.” Why not throw BATTLESTAR’s Mary McDonnell. Or how about Connie Britton from FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS? What’s a girl gotta do to get a little recognition from these people?

CT: Hey, at least BATTLESTAR got a writing nom and some stuff for Special Effects. Sometimes, you gotsta be grateful for the little stuff.

The TV Addict: Fine, but don’t expect me to get over it any time soon. I’m still ticked at them for ignoring…

CT: … EVERWOOD. I know, I know. Moving on?

The TV Addict: Fine, fine. But why the same people over and over again? I get that Tony Shalhoub (MONK) is an excellent actor, but can’t we put some kind of statute of limitations on the number of nominations a person gets?

CT: So he should be punished for doing consistently excellent work? (Not that I’m a big fan, I’m just asking.)

The TV Addict: You’re right, and of course, I can’t complain about a lot of the nominations, including some new shows like MAD MEN and DAMAGES being thrown into the mix. Glenn Close, Ted Danson, heck, even Zelijko Ivan (Ray, DAMAGES).

CT: As much as I loved him on the show, and I did, I almost didn’t want to see him get a nom just so we wouldn’t have to keep spelling that name! His category – Outstanding Supporting Actor – is another one filled with great actors. William Shatner (BOSTON LEGAL), Michael Emerson (LOST), John Slattery (MAD MEN).

The TV Addict: Yeah, even I can’t complain too much about that list. Lead Actress is another great one. Tina Fey (30 ROCK), Christina Applegate (SAMANTHA WHO?), Julia Louise-Dreyfus (OLD CHRISTINE), America Ferrera (UGLY BETTY) and Mary-Louise Parker (WEEDS).

CT: I adore Mary-Louise, but for me, there’s only one winner here: Christina Applegate. I’m sure there were some who were able to figure out that her portrayal of MARRIED… WITH CHILDREN’s Kelly Bundy was actually the first sign of budding comedic genius, but man, I didn’t see it! But every move she makes as Samantha Newly is charming. And while we’re at it, let’s give one to Jean Smart for playing Samantha’s mom, Regina for Supporting Actress.

The TV Addict: Not Kristin Chenoweth for playing PUSHING DAISIES’ Olive Snook?

CT: Like I said, Outstanding Supporting Actress is probably the toughest category for me.

The TV Addict: Then back to Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy.

CT: Oh, right, I forgot… you have an opinion, too.

The TV Addict: Yeah, thanks for acknowledging that. You know this is my site, right? Anyway, Lead Actress has to go to Julia Louise-Dreyfus for OLD CHRISTINE. It’s a classic sitcom featuring one of our greats. What more do you want?

CT: Like I said, that’s going to be a tough, tough category. Supporting Actress in a Drama is pretty rough too. Candice Bergen (BOSTON LEGAL), Rachel Griffiths (BROTHERS & SISTERS), Chanda Wilson and Sandra Oh from GREY’S ANATOMY and Dianne Wiest of IN TREATMENT.

The TV Addict: Too bad everyone didn’t put Katherine Heigl on for GREY’S, like, as a write-in candidate. Given all the controversy around her, it could have made for a great acceptance speech! Meanwhile, what’s up with the nominations for IN TREATMENT. Did anyone watch that?

CT: Someone must have. It’s getting a second season. Besides, that’s about the Academy recognizing HBO, some big-name actors and an experimental format. With all those things going for it, how could it not get at least a few nods?

The TV Addict: Yeah, HBO could use the recognition. These days, HBO’s the one in need of treatment! [Zing!]

CT: Look at you, bringing your A-game!

The TV Addict: Hey, my readers expect nothing less. Speaking of games, let’s move on to my least favorite category… reality. I know you’ve got a few things to say about those nominations.

CT: Well, as far as what’s missing, I’ve got just two words: Cat Deely. Ryan Seacrest gets a “best host” nod for being snarky with Simon, but the most charming host in reality television is snubbed? Sorry, but that just ain’t right. But at least they didn’t reward Julie Chen – aka The Chenbot – for her annoying, robotic hosting of BIG BROTHER. Then I’d have have to kicked some serious butt.

The TV Addict: SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE is your BATTLESTAR, isn’t it?

CT: You’re damn right it is! I hate that AMERICAN IDOL’s nasty nature was rewarded with an Outstanding Reality-Competition nod, but the kinder, gentler and, frankly, more talent-filled SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE was ignored. On the plus side, I was happy to see TOP CHEF in the category.

The TV Addict: Like Hollywood, I love me some 30 ROCK, so I was glad to see it getting recognized.

CT: Agreed, although come on, how the heck did it get four-out-of-five nominations for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series? Did nobody else out there submit? Anyone? Bueller?

The TV Addict: Who cares. Will Arnett is a god. Give him the award in that category and call it a night. Kate Walsh should have gotten a nod for GREY’S ANATOMY.

CT: The Academy is punishing her for PRIVATE PRACTICE. And rightly so.

The TV Addict: I want to give an Emmy to Digby from PUSHING DAISIES. What about Outstanding Performance by a Non-Human?

CT: Please. The Chenbot would have that in the bag.

The TV Addict: Ouch! Well, let’s open up the floor here. What did y’all think of the nominations? Who was snubbed? Who shouldn’t have gotten a nod? Come back tomorrow to find out who CT and I think SHOULD and WILL walk away with the gold when the winners are announced!

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  • GREAT back and forth guys! Very funny & entertaining. 😀

    I for one was pleased at most of the list, esp. the lead actress in a comedy. Man, what a list!

  • SeaKo

    “The TV Addict: Meanwhile, what’s up with the nominations for IN TREATMENT. Did anyone watch that?”

    And you call yourself a TVAddict? You have to watch all the episodes. By the end of the season, you’ll understand the nominations (and yet, they forgot to nominate Mia Wasikowska for the brilliant supporting role as Sophie).

  • ct

    SeaKo: I’d like to piont out that very few acadamy voters will actually watch “all the episodes.” It would be impossible for voters to watch every episode of every nominated actor or actress, let alone every episode of every nominated show.

  • danny

    I think Seako meant that the In Treatment actors really deserved those nominations because of their outstanding work. And he’s right. For me, it was the best show of the season.

    The TV Addict, CT: watch it! I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

  • The list sounds pretty decent although my BSG is The Wire. Consistently great cast and episodes but rarely does it get recognition. I’m super glad that Michael Emerson was nominated though. Ben owns all!

  • I too love Christina Applegate & have been a fan ever since M..WC
    my vote ( if it mattered, which i doesnt) goes to her

  • showtime

    SYTYCD should have been nominated for Outstanding Reality. At least it got 3 Emmy nods for Best Choreography! I hope Wade Robson, Shane Sparks, or Mandy Moore wins the Emmy over Julianne Hough and HSM 2.