The TV Addict Podcast: Shameless Plugs [S02E10]

If you’re one of those listeners who detest when Ari and Daniel [theTVaddict] go off on random tangents that have absolutely nothing to do with TV. We should probably mention, this week’s podcast may not be for you. Of course if you enjoy off topic subjects like Starbucks new highly addictive Vivanno Smoothie, Ari’s promiscuity and Daniel’s uber-TV-nerdiness, by all means press play below or head on over to iTunes. As per usual, comments are greatly appreciated, as well as reviews on iTunes. Got a question? Feel free to email it to

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  • Tim

    Downloading the podcast right now. Can’t wait to hear it

  • tboc

    I Seriously Love you guys, Im downloading the Posdcast right now…Ari and You Make me Laugh out Loud every single Week(Well the Weeks that you do a

  • Finally, listened to the podcast and I have to say, I’m a little disappointed in Daniel. Summer TV is (finally) starting to pick up again. This week alone there was the Psych, Monk and The Closer premieres, as well as Saving Grace and The Cleaner (which I DVR’ed). And I know it’s a bit childish but Degrassi has new episodes as well as a new show on The-N called Queen Bees, which is actually a lot of fun.

    I was expecting more actual tv coverage this week. Still a great podcast though.

  • Nicole

    Just wanted to say, Ari’s “I WANT TO HAVE YOUR BABIES!” would make a great ringtone.

  • another winner. i especially love you two talking over the opening and closing theme – very cool. if i had any real tca scoop i’d use it for buddytv, but here’s a quick nugget for you from tonight’s tca awards after party – vincent kartheiser must still be waiting for puberty, because his voice is quite high