In celebration of the X-FILES return to the big screen this Friday July 25th, is thrilled to be able to give away one copy of X-FILES REVELATIONS on DVD [click here to check it out on Amazon].

X-FILES REVELATIONS is fantastic two-disc grab bag featuring eight significant episodes from Fox’s iconic sci-fi/horror series. To enter to win, simply reveal what your favorite episode of the X-FILES was [and why] in the comments below. One winner will be notified by email on July 29. So be sure to enter with a valid email address.

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  • ewanspotter

    Gotta go with 606: “How the Ghosts Stole Christmas.” It’s an amazingly psychological episode (with two fantastic guest-stars) that ends with Mulder and Scully bleeding on the floor, guns aimed at each other, ready to kill… A bloody good Merry Christmas!

  • Tracie

    Memento Mori – It was a very poignant episode in which Scully was faced with her own mortality (as was Mulder) and I think it was just one of the best acted (by all the actors) and written episodes of the series. Gillian and David always had this way of making Scully and Mulder say so much to each other without even have to say a word. Their expressions and their eyes said so much.

  • hanncoll

    Ooh, it’s tough to chose one! I’m goint to say “The Post-Modern Prometheus”, especially for Mulder and Scully swaying to the music at the end.

  • Linda B.

    “The Field Where I Died.”

    It’s been so long since i’ve seen it, I just remember at the time finding it really moving.

  • Dan Clarendon

    “Bad Blood” — mostly because of Scully and Mulder’s riotously different versions of the same story. “Arcadia” is another favorite of mine, because Mulder and Scully posing as a married couple is hilarious.

  • This is so hard, and its been a while. I’m going to go with “Arcadia” — Mulder and Scully posing as the Petries (“like the dish!”) is just fantastic.

  • Linda B.

    Arcadia freaked me out! I had just moved into my new house 3 days before and it was a little too close to home (no pun intended).

  • P. Emblen

    “Squeeze” from the first series. Serial Killer with a twist – Exiting is through tiny spaces no normal man could fit. So new and different to programmes at the time …. I was not just UFOs it could be any one!!

  • Jason Fiske

    The Truth…Mulder coming back and together with Mulder again. Just like the movie coming out. Okay, probably not a trial in this upcoming movie, but it was great.

  • Michael W.

    Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose. Peter Boyle Rules.

  • DB

    ‘Je Souhaite’ – genie granted Mulder’s wishes…

  • Kyra Troyan

    Eve- it was the first episode that really freaked me out and made me a fan. The creepy exsanguating (sp?) girls!

  • alexa marie

    I love volcanoes and Firewalker is my favorite episode. Disappearing in the volcanoe is just spookey and then a being seen in the picture in front of the body. Oh, can’t get any better than that. Definitely this episode is better than Joe versus the volcanoe and other volcanoe movies.