Comic Con Live Blog: TRUE BLOOD

true blood comic con hbo poster

4:26PM: T-Minus four, wait, now three minutes until HBO’s TRUE BLOOD panel. Or as I like to call it, the only way to guarantee our seats for the DEXTER panel that follows immediately thereafter.

4:32PM: Since doesn’t endorse illegal downloading, I finally got a first look at TRUE BLOOD courtesy of a trailer HBO produced exclusively for Comic Con. It’s pretty much X-MEN, but with really sexy Vampires. Oh, and fellow Canadian Anna Paquin.

4:44PM:Creator Alan Ball [SIX FEET UNDER] promises to avoid the big three Vampire clichés: Blue light, Contact lenses and Opera music. Which is all well and good, but if you ask me, the big thing Ball should concentrate on avoiding is cancellation! Moment of silence for MOONLIGHT…

4:49PM: Because Anna Paquin’s protagonist Sookie Stackhouse is telepathic, she has remained a virgin. Take that ABC Family’s SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER.

4:50PM: Warning for Bella and Edward fans. According to Alan Ball, human/vampire sex may not be such a great idea.

4:52PM: Today’s word of the day, women who lust after vampires are called ‘FangBangers.’

5:03PM: Cliché Alert: Just like BATTLESTAR GALACTICA isn’t about space, Alan Ball promises that TRUE BLOOD isn’t just a show about Vampires, “it’s a show about relationships.”

5:05PM: Viral Marketing Alert:

5:06PM: When asked by a fan if there’s really going to be an actual drink called ‘True Blood’, he answers, “V8, Valium, Vicodin and Viagra” Funny stuff, and not at all rehearsed!

5:08PM: Fans are asking questions with regards to future plot lines set in future books. Hello… SPOILER ALERT much!

5:14PM: Apparently Alan Ball doesn’t go online to read fan reaction. D’OH

5:17PM: Worst question of any Comic Con Panel. For the panel, “What drew you to the characters?” Ummm… I think it’s called a paycheck.

5:23PM: Inevitable comparison between TRUE BLOOD and TWILIGHT. Being Buddhist, Alan Ball believes that there is room for everything in the world and doesn’t feel any sense of competition.

5:30PM: Alan Ball ends the panel by revealing that “after SIX FEET UNDER, I was very tired with dealing with people talking about their problems and the fact that we all die… blah… blah… blah. I wanted to do something fun and so far I’ve had more fun working on this series than anything else in my career.”

  • I hope the panel is more interesting than the show itself. What a bore.

  • Tim G, i hope you’re not implying that you illegally download television shows?

  • No, of course not! I was invited to Alan Ball’s house and he showed it to me personally. Yea, that’s it…

  • No, of course not! I was invited to Alan Ball’s house and he showed it to me personally.

    This is true I was there, and the show is indeed boring …

    kinda hypocrit from you not to endorse illegal downloading since you live in canada and that you have to wait quite a long time to see shows that aired 15 miles from where you live….

  • (just a thought)

  • destiny

    It’s Bella and EDWARD! I thought I would inform you that it is not Edwin. Have you even read those books? I suggest you do, as they are EXCELLENT.

  • Gina

    I agree with Destiny, you better know your Twilight characters if you are going to compare them.

    EDWARD and Bella have a fantastic story line and some of the most devout fans. Beware there.

    I think due to Twilight, all Twilighers will automatically “not like” True Blood. We have all fallen for the veggie vamps. Sorry TB, you’re going to be on your own!

  • destiny,

    Thanks for the correction. I’ve indeed read the books but was trying to type fast and wasn’t thinking. My apologies.

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  • KaeDee

    The thing I find interesting is the promo poster, since Sookie Stackhouse is the heroine and star of the series, and she ISN’T a vampire…

  • assuit

    I saw the pilot ep. as part of a research group and yea, Im going to watch the show when it comes on. I also have read the books and loved all of them. C. Harris is a really good writer and the series is just as great 9 books in.

    TV without a vampire show is like life without a lover 8-).

  • Noah

    Twilight is like a really bad joke… I hope True Blood is better. I haven’t seen the pilot, but I’ve read that it was re-done.
    But yeah, Twilight is… bleh. Horrible.

  • Neena

    ‘No, of course not! I was invited to Alan Ball’s house and he showed it to me personally.’

    So was i…the pilot was awful. Although the acting was good; it had no real plot or storyline. There were one or two things in it that piked my interest…so i’ll watch this when it premieres and see how it goes.

    I’m hoping that they actually re-film some of the pilot.

  • Looks like it will be a fun show!
    A lot of people are excited about the show on our site.

    The Wolf
    Vampires and Slayers