10 Reasons The TV Addict Loved THE BIG BANG THEORY Panel at Comic Con

big bang theory

1. With the exception of the adorable Kaley Cuoco, the men of THE BIG BANG THEORY are actually kind of nerdy: Kunal Nayyar [Rajnesh] grew up in India playing amateur Badminton. Which it turns out isn’t nearly as cool in America. Simon Helberg’s [Wolowitz] response to what geeky about your real life was, “you can’t tell by looking at me!” Jim Parson [Sheldon] thinks the timber of his voice is a bit geeky, but he’s okay with it since it got him the job. Johnny Galecki grew up doing theatre which sounds cool on the West coast, but apparently just got him beat up in Chicago! While Co-creator Bill Prady revealed that he was 24 before he ever asked a woman out. ‘Nuff said!

2. Free Dating Advice: Bill Prady enlightened the audience on Wolowitz’s rules for dating. Proposition every woman, have no standards. Good to know.

3. Season Two Scoop: Co-Creator Chuck Lorre revealed that since THE BIG BANG THEORY is a comedy, odds are good that the Leonard/Penny relationship that was set up in the first season finale isn’t going to go well. Translation: Prepare for seven plus years of Ross and Rachel Part II.

4. Cast Chemistry: When Johnny Galecki mentioned how excited he was to get to play a romantic lead [because he’s usually cast as the romantic lead’s assistant, gay assistant or annoying friend] he thanked creators Lorre and Pardy, To wit, Kaley Cuoco quickly chimed in with a hilarious, “kiss ass!”

5. Showmance Alert: We’re just sayin’ — stars Kaley Cuoco and Jim Parsons were really really really close.

7. Fan Questions: An audience member called Chuck Lorre the Jerry Bruckheimer of Comedy. And we’re still scratching our head as to whether that’s a good thing!

8. Cast Chemistry #2: In their free time yesterday, the cast rented a boat. Which illicited this response from showrunner Chuck Lorre, “Let me get this straight, My entire cast was on a boat with Kaley driving in the middle of the ocean!”

9. More Second Season Scoop: Sarah Gilbert will be returning for a bunch of episodes.

10. Jim Parsons: Hilarious

  • Sooooo jealous, because Jim Parsons is indeed hilarious. Ad the Lorre=Bruckheimer is true and definitely not a compliment. The man who unleashed 2.5 Men and Dharma and Greg is no genius, no matter how good Big Bang is. My only question: were there any Dr. Horrible questions for Moist?

  • I love Big Bang Theory. I’m so excited for it to come back and so jealous of you.

  • John K,

    Oddly enough, DR. HORRIBLE didn’t come up (for once!) in a panel. But I’m currently sitting in the amazing Showrunners Panel featuring Damon Lindeloff, Carlton Cuse, Josh Friedman, Bryan Fuller and Josh Schwartz. They all had amazing things to say about DR. HORRIBLE. Stay Tuned…..

    And Shanna, Check your email!

  • Scott

    I love The Big Bang Theory. The show is hilarious. Love Kaley, too. She is hot.

  • aly

    i dont know…i love leonard, but ive been secretly hoping for a sheldon/penny romance truthfully.

  • The Sheldon/Penny dynamic is great. I think they have LOTS of chemistry.

  • You’ll be a Two and a Half Men fan in no time! 🙂

  • Kaye

    What do you mean they were ‘really, really, really close’?

    Are they dating?

  • Kaley Cuoco

    Yeah, what do you mean they’re “really, really, really, close”? Please tell me, cause’ I’d love to know…