Simply follow theTVaddict on Twitter. I’ll be randomly posting codes throughout the Comic Con weekend for free downloads of DEXTER and CALIFORNICATION via iTunes.

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  • Chad

    Gah.. somebody already used the first one. =(

  • Chad,
    Check your Email!

  • Annabel

    i don’t get it…each code only works for one person?

  • Chad

    Man, I’m glad I used my real email address. Haha.

    Seriously, though. Thanks a lot!

  • will

    er how do I use the codes?

  • Chad

    Will, you just click the Redeem link in the iTunes Store while you’re signed in.

  • will

    Thanks Chad.
    I was late, though.
    I had to close Linux and boot Windows to access iTunes. Too bad.
    Real nerds are discriminated 😛

  • Chad

    Isn’t that the truth. I actually had to reboot from Linux, too, when I heard about this.

    Always trying to keep the nerd down. haha

  • Holli

    Thanks TV Addict! I was able to use one of the codes. Enjoy the rest of ComicCon.

  • How sad is it that I’ve been refreshing Twitter every five minutes just to get one of these? 🙂 Can’t help myself – I’m halfway through the first season of Dexter and LOVING it.

  • Armando A.

    Just missed one for 8 minutes… 🙁