terminator comic con 2008

11:40AM: The TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES panel started off with a seriously fraktastic trailer for the new season. Spoiler Alert, Summer Glau’s Cameron is alive — and did we mention awesome.

But on a more serious note, we’re pretty sure that the Connor Family, with the help of Derek Reese will build some sort of time-traveling device that will allow them jump to different time periods in their fight against SkyNet.

11:42AM: Josh Friedman, who’s moderating the panel starts by thanking the fans for their support. You’re welcome Josh.

11:46AM: By audience demand, the first question of the panel goes to Summer Glau. Friedman who isn’t surprised, asks, “Who’s better looking, me or Joss Whedon?”

11:50AM: Lena Headey on what Sarah would do with a day off? “She’d get some over the counter valium and track down Agent Ellison and have a good night in.”

11:53AM: Josh Friedman to actor Richard T. Jones, “Agent Ellison you made a really bold decision with your character to play him black.” Hilarious.

11:55AM: An audience member yells “thank you” when Josh Friedman proclaims that John Connor will be totally different in season two. So, not petulant, whiny and emo.

11:56AM: John has to grow up and will finally escape his mother’s overbearing paranoia. Expect far less Sarah and John, much more Derek and John. Ready… set… fanfic…

11:58AM: Random Separated at birth, Josh Friedman and Kevin Smith.

12:00PM: Shirley Manson reveals that she feels like she’s in a new band that’s younger and better looking.

12:05M: Second season spoilers. One of the cast members on the panel is going to die this season. The Connor family will be falling apart, while SkyNet will be evolving. Da…Da…Duh!

12:09PM: Opening up to fan questions, with the caveat by Friedman that no one can mention Linda Hamilton or River Tam [FIREFLY]

12:10PM: Fans don’t seem to realize the difference between a ‘question’ and a ‘statement.’ Seriously, nobody cares how much you love the show, get to the damn question.

12:15PM: The chick from Mahalo Daily asks an incredibly pointless question. I miss Veronica.

12:18PM: Fun fact of the day, if you ever wonder why Lena Headey isn’t in her iconic tank top so much [I know I have!], it’s because it takes three hours in the makeup chair to cover up all her tattoos. Which brings us to the first rule of becoming a successful actor. Looking like this good, tattoos bad.

12:20PM: Hands down, the TERMINATOR Panel has the most ‘interesting’ bunch of audience participants. Interpret that how you will.

12:22PM: Shirley Manson fans hoping for that magical SARAH CONNOR musical episode… umm… don’t hold your breath.

12:25PM: More Season Two Spoilers: Cromartie will be using Agent Ellison to track down the Conners & Co.