First Look: 90210

90210 shenae grimes anna lynn mccord dustin milligan

Even though the seemingly endless casting announcements with regards to original series stars has us a little concerned about the CW’s last great hope 90210 re-boot. This TV Addict isn’t ashamed to admit that these just released photos of future love triangle Annie/Ethan/Naomi [see above] and Brandon/Brenda re-incarnate Annie and Dixon [after the jump] already have me humming in my head, dadada-dadada-fist pump-fist pump-luke perry eyebrow.

90210 anna lynn mccord dustin milligan

90210 tristan Wilds and shenae grimes

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  • As much as I love Tristan Wilds it does pain me to see him “dumb” himself down to be on 90210. He’s a phenomenal actor and I hate to see him just be the token on a teen soap.

    I’m definitely going to be watching this show more for the adults and the returning cast members than the “new generation”

  • ewanspotter

    Although I find Dustin Milligan pretty darn adorable (Hi, Corbett from “Ghostfacers”!), even he’s not enough to get me to watch this show.

  • Armando A.

    I found the original series as annoying as hell… So Im not that excited for this new version.

    Im good with gg so far!

  • Neena

    Shanna…i too am worried that the Dixon character will just become another ‘token’ and be pushed to the sidelines. We will see…

    Anyway those photo’s look good. Can’t wait for Sept 2nd. I’m looking foward to this…but for the new characters and not the old one’s. I do believe it’s a mistake to make Donna, Shannon and Kelly recurring characters. Bring them back for an ep or two but no more.

    I was a fan of the original and while i’m interested to know what happened to the original characters. I don’t want their storylines to take over too much or to become to prominant in the plotlines.

    Role on September 2nd…can’t wait.

  • Just the fact that all this stuff is even starting at the beginning of Sept. gives me goosebumps. Bring on Fall shows I say!

  • Sam

    I hope the producers ignore comments like Neena’s. A freshman series like this needs every advantage it can get to succeed. And if that means keeping a cross-mix of the older stars (from previous 90210), as well as the new cast, then that’s what you do.

    The CW has, mistakenly, erroreously, stupidly–however you want to say it–narrowed its focus to serve the very small, limited, fragmented audience of young girls. So if they happen to “luck out” and attract other viewers by different means–i.e. serving the rest of us with the greatness of Jessica Walter, Lori, Shannen, Jennie, Tori, etc.–then they better GO FOR IT. Otherwise, this show will be a shooting star: here today, then gone.

  • Neena

    Sam – i have no real problems with them bringing back the old characters…i just don’t want them to take over. As long as they remain minor characters, appearing in a few ep’s (here and there) then i am fine.

  • Cajungirl00

    OMG! These pictures are awesome. I hadn’t seen these yet anywhere. I am so stoked about the premiere on Sept 2nd. I think it’s going to be awesome. I love how they are brining in some oldies and still have an entire cast of newbies. It’s going to be great! I think although this is 90210, it will have a new and fresh feel to it. I can’t wait!!