NBC: Nothing But Comic Con

Since we at theTVaddict.com are never ones to shy away from pointing out NBC’s boneheaded moves [see February’s train-wreck of a KNIGHT RIDER movie], this TV Addict thinks it’s only fair to take a moment to praise the proverbial powers that be for doing something right for once.

Unlike ABC, CBS, the CW and FOX, NBC made the savvy decision to bring Comic Con to the millions of fans who couldn’t make it out to San Diego this weekend [Not to mention the thousands who weren’t prepared to sleep outside or line up for hours to get into Saturday’s highly anticipated HEROES Panel].

Not only did they post the HEROES panel in its entirety online. Well, except for that little bit where the SCREENED THE ENTIRE FRAKTASTIC THIRD SEASON PREMIERE [really, not at all bitter that I missed it!], they’ve also posted videos from the CHUCK, KINGS, KNIGHT RIDER and THE OFFICE panels which you can check out by clicking the link below.

  • Thanks TVA!
    Im surprised that the videos are viewble for people outside US.
    For me the best panel was CHUCK’s

  • ewanspotter

    Good for NBC.

  • Yeah, this is fantastic (NBCU’s Sci Fi Channel also has their panels up now too! Squee!)…it’s amazing that more nets don’t get these vids up superfast. For that added buzz-injection right?