Meet the Newest Member of TORCHWOOD

john barrowman at mario finale cbc

Okay, so the TV Addict hasn’t exactly become a member of Torchwood. But would you not agree, especially after taking a look at this photo from tonight’s season finale of CBC’s [Canada’s Broadcasting Corporation] HOW DO YOU SOLVE A PROBLEM LIKE MARIA?, that I would make an awesome addition to Captain Jack’s team?

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  • that pic is so kewl! kudos to you!

  • WHO WON!!!!

  • 23 year old Vancouverite Elicia MacKenzie won the contest. Or as I’ll be referring to her as from here on it, Canada’s Next Ryan Malcolm. And for the record, no I’m not at all bitter I voted for Janna

  • Capt. Jack rules! I hope you’re getting the fourth season of Doctor Who in Canada, because the finale is this Friday, and the first part was unbelievably awesome.