The TV Addict Picks the 2008 Comic Con Winners & Losers

brian austin green terminator comic con

WINNER: The TV Addict! Not only was this TV Addict the only reporter in the TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES press room with the cajones to ask Brian Austin Green about 90210, got a very nice shout out from star Thomas Dekker

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ronald d moore comic con 2008

LOSER: The TV Addict! Who apparently isn’t quite the Hollywood Power Player he wishes he were. How else to explain not being able to bypass around one thousand or so attendees to make it into the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA panel? But on the plus side, Ronald D. Moore [see picture above] and HEROES star Zachary Quinto did walk by whilst I waited in line. Oh the glamour of Comic Con!

WINNER: Showtime’s critically acclaimed series DEXTER played to a packed crowd of almost five thousand strong.

LOSER: Anyone who doesn’t own an iPhone or an iPod Touch. Since it was revealed, much to the disappointment of fans in the audience, that the upcoming DEXTER video game will only be available on the popular Apple devices.

WINNER: The marketing team behind EAGLE EYE, for their brilliant decision to provide the laptop toting, iphone using, wireless deviced obsessed patrons of Comic Con with FREE WiFi in exchange for viewing a brief trailer for the upcoming Shia Lebouf thriller. Hand down, best viral marketing move EVER!

LOSER: Shia Lebouf. Who this TV Addict was really hoping wouldn’t turn into yet another young Hollywood cliche. [see link]

WINNER: HEROES. Who used Comic Con to reveal to the world that HEROES has an excellent chance to, for lack of better word, not suck this year. Or as TV Squad’s Keith McDuffee said far more eloquently, “I’ll just leave you with this: I gave up early on HEROES last season, and just by watching this episode I think I’m coming back. I think even if you didn’t watch Season 2 at all, you can pick right back up again and be blown away. It’s definitely a game-changer of an episode, nevermind the season.”

fringe comic con 2008

LOSER: FRINGE. The highly buzzed about J.J. Abrams, Roberto Orci, Robert Kurtzman [see above photo] series played to a half-empty ballroom and generated a surprisingly subdued reaction from the audience.

WINNER: 24’s Howard Gordon who wins the Con’s award for honesty by admitting that “perhaps it’s a measure of our desperation that Tony Almeida back” Adding, “He died on the page four times.” You Think!

terminator cast comic con 2008

LOSER: The cast of TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES, who were told during their show’s panel, much to their [and the audiences] surprise, that one of them will die by season’s end.

dexter bobble head

WINNER: The readers of Who will soon have the opportunity to win a Limited Edition DEXTER bobble head. So stay tuned…

  • Kellie

    Sounds like you had a great time! I’m only a little bit (okay, A LOT) jealous… Kinda surprised about Fringe ~ it’s all I’ve been hearing about lately.

    And I love the Dexter bobblehead! I’d call it cute, but somehow that word just doesn’t fit it..

  • TVFan

    Thanks for the great coverage TVA. I so want that Dexter Bobblehead!

  • bws

    From what I know about Fringe, it’s intended to have more stand-alone episodes which don’t necessarily evoke super fandom. But that may make it more accessible to average viewers.

  • OK! so you missed the incredible CHUCK and SUPERNATURAK panel???
    And the spoiler-full SMALLVILLE panel??

    Anyway, I hope you bring us some really juicy interviews!

  • It sounds like an amazing weekend. Super jealous. Thanks for all the coverage

  • Wow looks like a blast!