Advertising Anarchy: SMALLVILLE

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In our third installment of Advertising Anarchy, [’s take on how TV Networks should be promoting some of our favorite new and returning shows come Fall 2008] we offer up the only thing fans need to know about the new season of SMALLVILLE. Or as this TV Addict’s calling it, prelude to a spin-off.

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  • SimplyKimberly

    I love the Green Arrow. He is the only reason I am even contemplating forcing myself to watch Smallville next season. Can they just stuff Clark in a closet and rename the show Green Arrow? Please?

  • Nick

    As Smallville wraps up its likely swan-song, the CW would be foolish to not capitalize on the superhero/comic craze by giving the Green Arrow or Justice League a spinoff. There will always be a market for the genre among men, and the ladies love lookin’ at the hunky stars in leather and spandex. Which makes Smallville’s insane original “rule” (which so badly needs trashed) of “no tights” preposterous. Why are we so locked into that nonsense? Because Miles said so? Well he ain’t here no more, folks!!! Time to unleash the spandex.

    As Barney would say to Clark: “SUIT UP!”

  • showtime

    The CW can try their hardest to make Justin Hartley look cool being Green Arrow, but he will forever be Fox Crane from Passions to me!

  • Rysa

    you know…. with all these spoilers that we have…. I’m not excited to watch this season! Is it still Smallville???? I don’t think so…

    you’re right.

  • Heather

    They might as well advertise the show that way. With AlMiles being obsessed with Lana and most of the fans being more invested in Lex and Chloe, Clark has almost always been the “also ran” on his own show. Your illustration shows exactly what already happened for most of Season 6.

  • Mel

    I’m excited for the Green Arrow to be back on Smallville –maybe we can get some actual crime fighting instead of all this gooey relationship drama.

    The trouble with not having Clark on screen — I start paying attention to the non-plot and insipid dialog and characterizations — never a good thing.

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  • Spiritualfrog

    Why do you watch the show if you dislike it so much?