Brian Austin Green Tries [But Can’t] Escape 90210

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The TV Addict has some bad news for Brian Austin Green. He can run, but he can’t hide.

In other-words, as much he’d love to cast off the shackles that was ten years of playing David Silver, on what we’ll now be referring to as the ‘original’ BEVERLY HILLS 90210, it ain’t gonna happen.

Well, at least in the mind of this TV Addict. Whose formative teenage years [for better or for worse] coincided with the gang from Beverly Hills.

Which is why, during this weekend’s press event that followed the fantastic TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES panel at Comic Con, there was no way I was letting the artist formerly known as the Notorious B.A.G. off the hook.

As my fellow reporters peppered Brian Austin Green with serious questions about his character’s motivations and what the future holds for Derek Reese, I couldn’t help myself. I mean David FRAKKIN’ Silver was sitting a foot away from me! Frankly, I deserve a medal for not asking him how he could go behind Donna’s Back at the freshman Carnival and lose his virginity with that slutty tramp Ariel.

So here’s how it went down.

The TV Addict: I guess I’m going to be the one to ask the 90210 question, since I quite literally grew up on the show. Here you are, re-ineventing yourself with TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES, while at the same time, the CW is bringing back the show that turned you into a household name.

Brian Austin Green: What are the f*ck’in odds of that right? [laughs]. Perfect. Just as I’m trying to get away from the show, they pull me in with a new one. I want to talk about my new stuff but here is this old elephant in the room that won’t go away!

I wish them the best with the show. I wish all the kids that do it ten years like we had and I hope for the CW it’s a huge hit and it does the same thing to them that it did with FOX.

End Scene.

  • Just Jody

    Glad you asked! At least the fact that he’s awesome on SCC helps with the fact that he won’t be back in the zip.

  • Here’s where I’m conflicted: I frakkin’ love Derek Reese. He is maybe 90% of the allure of SCC for me BUT if Donna’s on New90210 w/o him, does that mean we went thru a decade of David/Donna back and forth for her to end up a divorcee?

    Plus, I’m pretty sure that Silver girl is going to turn out to be David and Kelly’s half-sister. So her big sister is around, her sister-in-law too but no big bro?

    I just want one David cameo (as long as it doesn’t interfere with SCC)

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  • Nick

    Uh, Brian…don’t be a dick. You have a career because of the 90210 franchise. If you’re approached, please–for the fans–agree to make an appearance or three, as needed. America likes actors who don’t forget their roots. And let’s face it, Terminator could be terminated long before 90210.