Spotlight on DEXTER Star Michael C. Hall

michael c hall interview dexter

At the recent Television Critics Association Press Tour, DEXTER star Michael C. Hall was kind enough to take a few minutes out of his busy schedule to discuss the upcoming third season of Showtime’s critically acclaimed thriller DEXTER.

On the books: “I read the first book as the first season was based on it. But I haven’t read subsequent books because seasons two and three have all been based on what the writers have been able to come up with.”

On portraying America’s favorite serial killer: “I was making a joke earlier [at the DEXTER TCA Panel], but I must say that certain members of my family seem to be more comfortable with me simulating serial murder than simulating a gay relationship with a black man [on SIX FEET UNDER].”

On working with Jimmy Smits this season: “It’s been great. He’s not only a great actor, but a consummate professional and a really kind man. As was the case with Keith Carradine coming on board last season, it’s a real shot in the arm that the show can attract someone of that calibre.”

On the future: “As much as I’d like to mix it up and do more films, I don’t like to get too specific about what the future might hold. Certainly when I finished SIX FEET UNDER, I didn’t see DEXTER on the horizon. And I imagine, or at least hope that there are things to come that I can’t conceive at this moment.”

DEXTER returns to Showtime this September 28, 2008. [TMN in Canada]

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  • He’s adorable. Love him. 😀

  • Adri

    After the perfect and genious second season I can’t wait to watch more!!! Besides… It premieres on my birthday!! 🙂 great gift, uh?

    PS. Where did you get that picture, I LOOOOVE IT!
    PS2. I love your podcast.. I listen to it on my way to work and sometimes i lough out loud and people in the subway look at me like i was crazy xD It’s so funny xD