Ask the Addict: Comic Con Edition

Seriously TV Addict, What the Frak! Two weeks and no column. To paraphrase the immortal Ricky Ricardo, “You got some ‘splainin’ to do” — Jen

The TV Addict: Jen, I do have some ‘splainin’ to do, so I’ll get right to it. This TV Addict braved a freezing cold San Francisco [isn’t California supposed to be hotter than Canada?], rafted down the Kern River and braved 120,000 plus Comic Con attendees to bring you the latest scoop on some of your favorite TV shows. So let’s get to it shall we.

Any scoop on the new season of HEROES? — SylarsArmyMember32

The TV Addict: This just in, the TV Addict is an idiot! Why? Because I chose to sleep in and skip the HEROES panel thinking last year’s lackluster WGA-strike shortened season wasn’t worth waking up for. Boy was I wrong.

Hoping to spread the word that HEROES: VILLAINS Edition is back and better [or is it badder?] than ever. Producer Tim Kring and Co. screened the complete third season premiere. Revealing to the 6,000-plus crowd that [spoiler alert!] Sylar will rip open Claire’s head to steal her healing abilities, “Future” Peter will shoot Nathan before he reveals everybody’s secret powers to the world. While Mohinder will finally get a super-power of his own and Hiro will disobey his dead father’s orders by opening up the safe that holds a formula that could destroy the world.

Any chance Rachel Bilson will be returning to CHUCK this season — NerdLover23

The TV Addict: While scheduling conflicts are currently keeping television’s most adorable sandwich maker away from television’s most adorable nerd. CHUCK co-creator Josh Schwartz wouldn’t rule out another appearance by Bilson’s Lou, revealing to the audience during Saturday’s CHUCK Comic Con panel that, “I’m pretty sure the sandwich shop is still there.”

And while we’re on the subject of guest stars, fans can expect hilarious and heartwarming appearances by Tony Hale, Jordana Brewster, Nicole Richie, Michael Clarke Duncan, Jhn Larrouette, Ben Savage, NY Giants Michael Strahan and OC alum Melinda Clark.

Is there any truth to the rumour that DEXTER’s Julie Benz will be turning up in Joss Whedon’s new series DOLLHOUSE? — Brad

The TV Addict: Yes. And not just because Julie Benz asked us to start an internet rumor that she’s been offered an upcoming guest spot on Joss Whedon’s DOLLHOUSE.

What can you tell us about the new season of DEXTER? I cannot wait to see my favorite serial killer back in action? — David

The TV Addict: Firstly, your excitement for seeing your ‘favorite serial killer back in action’, not creepy at all. Secondly, during Thursday’s DEXTER panel at Comic Con, executive producer Clyde Phillips promised that the season will start off with an event so shocking, it will change Dexter Morgan’s life forever. How’s that for a tease?

What did Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse reveal about the new season of LOST? — Bec

The TV Addict: Embarrassingly enough, this TV Addict made the difficult choice to attend the TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR press room over the LOST panel because I couldn’t leave San Diego without asking Brian Austin Green this question. That, and I know that historically, ABC always posts the LOST panel in their official LOST Podcast feed later in the summer, giving me my much needed Lindelof and Cuse fix.

So courtesy of EW’s Lynette Rice, here’s the Cole’s Notes [or is it Cliff’s Notes] version of the panel, “They [Lindelof and Cuse] immediately took questions from the audience and gave Lost memorabilia to anyone who made it up to the microphone. Besides handing out nifty prizes like an autographed life jacket and a T-shirt that read, “I asked a question about Richard Alpert and all I got was this lousy T-shirt,” the producers did offer up a few tidbits about the coming year. Jin and Locke will appear in one form or another, Rousseau’s story will finally be told, and Walt’s dog Vincent will stage a comeback (some fan, in fact, actually inquired about the dog’s status before asking about any human characters). Oh, and Lindelof insisted that the Island did not move in the season 2 finale. Matthew Fox (pictured) showed up, too, mostly to glad-hand a fan and smile pretty for the room (and he did look mighty pretty).”


The TV Addict: Justin Hartley’s Green Arrow has been made a series regular. Oh and there’s something about Clark finally beginning to embrace his destiny yadda yadda yadda. But seriously, Green Arrow is back!

Is one of the stars of TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES seriously going to die this season? — Jayson

The TV Addict: Executive producer John Wirth certainly seemed serious when he told the panel, much to their surprise, that one of them wouldn’t last the season. But keep in mind, that since they’re robots sent from the future, we’re pretty sure Cameron and Cromartie can never really die. And considering her name’s in the title, this TV Addict is going to go out on a limb and say that Sarah’s safe.

Who’s the Final Cylon? — StarbuckStalker

The TV Addict: Starbuck. Just kidding! Truth be told. I have no idea and quite honestly, would prefer not to know. That said, during Saturday’s BATTLESTAR GALACTICA panel [which has now been made available online courtesy of] Executive Producer Ronald D Moore promised that we’ve already met the final Cylon and that it’s not some random guest star. So those of you who had ‘Boxey’ in the pool. Well, it sucks to be you.

That’s all for this week folks. Don’t forget, you can ask the TV Addict anything at

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  • Monkey

    Seriously…No Supernatural??

  • Monkey,

    My apologies for no SUPERNATURAL. But I actually missed out on the panel because I was on a plane back home. Luckily, my good friends over at the TV Talk Podcast have posted the panel in its entirity which you can check out by clicking on the link below.

  • WonderJew

    You went to Comic Con and didn’t see the Heroes or LOST panels? Whats the point in going?! You amaze me sometimes…

  • TLA

    WonderJew, if you went to the Heroes and Lost panels you had to miss the Dollhouse and Battlestar Galactica panels. For a lot of people that simply wasn’t an option.

  • Nick

    Am I the only one who’ll point out the obvious? ComicCon is TOO BIG AND OVERBLOWN. To have to make choices between great series on an hourly basis is ludicrous. Talk about a madhouse. How frustrating for convention-goers. And each year, it seems that every Tom, Dick & Harry try to worm their way into a panel session, even if there’s no real link to comics or fantasy. I get tired of reading about ComicCon and its coverage.