Everwood Season 2 [Finally] Coming to DVD?

When this TV Addict tearfully last left EVERWOOD [on DVD], Colin’s fate was hanging in the balance.

Now, four years later, it is looking like fans who only experienced EVERWOOD courtesy of the magic of digital video disc will finally get the opportunity to find out what happens next. [Spoiler Alert] Buy Kleenex.

According to musician Will Derryberry, and confirmed by tvshowsondvd.com, Warner Home Video is currently in the midst of negotiating all of the music rights so that seasons two, three and four can make it to both DVD and theWB.com. Announced Derryberry on his blog yesterday, “SEVEN, and LONESOME will appear on the WB’s EVERWOOD.” Adding that season two will, “be available on the DVD and online download release.”

Of course, tvshowsondvd.com is quick to point out, and correctly so, that just because music rights are cleared with one artist doesn’t guarantee that all of the show’s music rights have been successfully negotiated.

Which naturally begs the question. As die hard EVERWOOD fans, what would you prefer. A DVD release as soon as possible, with certain more expensive tracks replaced. Or for the WB to simply shelve the series due to the high cost of licensing the music.

You probably don’t need to be a world class brain surgeon to guess this TV Addict’s answer!

Thanks to Reader Foulkdub for the Tip!

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  • Linda B.

    I wish once a song was released for use on a tv show, it would permanently be able to be on that show through repeats, syndication, and DVD release. I was a huge fan of Felicity and was so disappointed when i watched it in repeats that many of the songs had been changed.

  • TVFan

    Playing devil’s advocate if I may. Is Everwood really one of those show’s where certain scenes are synonymous with a particular music track?

  • John

    I would prefer the show released with the available music, rather than be forever delayed waiting for “the right” music.

  • Armando

    I would be happy for this news except for the fact that the WB have been repeating all the seasons on Latinamerica for years!