First Look: Katie Holmes on ELI STONE

katie holmes eli stone

Even though this TV Addict generally eschews shameless celebrity stunt casting, or as I now like to call it “The Britney Effect.” I’m excited to offer up a first look at Katie Holmes on ELI STONE for two reasons.

For one, ELI STONE was the best show you didn’t watch last season. And two, co-creator Greg Berlanti gets points for honesty, by openly admitting at the recent Television Critics Association press tour that he had to beg Holmes to do the role because, “we really wanted to bring eyeballs to the show.”

Photo Source: Just Jared

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  • I must admit I wasn’t crazy for her cameo on ELI, but this pic make me change my mind 😉

  • I love her and love the show, so I can’t wait!

  • Anon

    can’t stand her. will absolutely not watch the show now.

  • showtime

    I wasn’t too crazy about Eli Stone until I had to watch the whole season during an internship. I’m glad I did!

  • I love this show I hope Katie Holmes appearance will help boost the show

  • you know who

    I have always found her irritating to watch,something about her mouth expressions.

  • Alyssa

    I don’t think it’s technically stunt casting when you are casting an actress who got famous for acting.

  • Nick.C

    Thank you Alyssa,that is what i was thinking!…Eli is a great show!I never thought i would watch a show with so much singing in it but its a lot of fun and Jonny Lee Miller makes this show work.

  • kbaker

    would have been cool if they weren’t filming at my wedding rehearsal. Pain in the arse and we only were granted 15 mins for the entire run through. The grips were jack arses although being from the industry totally expected (they should have thanked me for the overtime) but Katie was sweet and even cooed over my sisters baby. So overall horrible for us, but so LA for our out of town families.