Win THE SHIELD Season 6 on DVD

shield final season poster

With the final season of THE SHIELD less than a month away, the TV Addict has teamed up with New Media Strategies and the FX Network to give away a very cool SHIELD prize pack. To enter and win season six of THE SHIELD on DVD along with a really bitchin’ season seven promo poster, simply answer the following question in the comments below. Is Michael Chiklis’ Vic Mackey the most bad ass cop in television history?

One winner will be chosen at random on Monday August 18th and notified via email. So please be sure to leave a comment with a valid email address.

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  • Jefferson

    SWEET! I need me some Vic Mackey!

  • Stacia

    Yes. I can’t even think of another cop in the same league as Vic Mackey.

  • Courtney

    Definitey. I don’t think there’s even a contest. He’s awesome.

  • He’s definitely the most bad-ass TV cop. 😀

  • Steve

    You’re god damned right he is.

  • Ryan

    Vic Mackey is the definitive bad ass cop. I don’t think anyone else is in his league.

  • Blair

    Easy!! Yes

  • Yes, please! I resorted to watching the terrible ‘Rise: Blood Hunter’ just to get a Michael Chiklis fix!

  • James

    Hmm…what can be said about Vic Mackey? The bangers in LA don’t get any sleep at night when he is around, unless of course they have a deal in place with him. I think having TOTAL CONTROL over the streets of LA does make him THE MOST BADASS cop in history. The others could actually learn a thing or two from him.

  • MD

    No contest – Vic is awesome! He could teach Chuck Norris a thing or two!

  • Bill

    Vic’s the MAN!!! Steven Seagal fetches his laundry, Chuck Norris washes it and Stallone folds it. Schwartzenegger irons out the wrinkles and Keifer Sutherland dresses him. Steve McQueen makes his breakfast and they all send him out the door in the morning with a sigh and a forbidden, longing look.

  • Michael Hunt

    Vic makes Denzel Washington (in training day) look like a quire boy. Do not get me wrong Denzel was a bad ass but he cannot touch Vic.

  • Steven

    The question is obvious. Yes. Who are the other contenders? NYPD’s Sipowicz? L&O’s Briscoe? Please. I don’t recall them ever shooting a fellow officer in the face once they found out they were being investigated. Think of how tough it was to remind oneself of one thing during the amazing fifth season during the never-to-be-equaled face-off between Mackey and Lt. Kavanaugh: Vic was absolutely guilty of everything he was being accused of; Terry Crowly, the Money Train… his lies are perfect, and we love him for them.

  • Zuria

    More than obvious, Vic Makey has no contenders. Even though, he has a nice guy face, he is not an angel at all. But that does not mean that he is bad; the circuntances, the people he is involve with, the oportunities that present in the way, can tempt anyone. Probably there are worst real live cops in the streets. But this serie is a master piece.

  • Ben

    Vic is the most bad ass cop around, no doubt. Then add in his charm and wits and he’s unstoppable. No one but Vic can manipulate someone into doing exactly what he wants and then by the end, have them love him and feel like they owe him for all he did for them.

  • sam

    Yes, Vick is the good and evil found in each of us brought to the surface. He not a monster because even with the shady dealings he do. He still have a heart and i loyal to those he loves.

  • Sarah

    Love the Shield!